Thanks to this theory, a group of researchers discovered a new galaxy in the universe

Thanks to Einstein’s theory, a group of researchers discovered a new galaxy in the universe. ©2023 Reporter: Merdeka – A group of researchers from the International School of Advanced Studies in Italy (SISSA) claim to have discovered a relatively young new galaxy in the universe. LiveScience & Popular Mechanic reported, Tuesday (21/2), the discovery […]

After retiring from fighting… Habib leaves the world of martial arts completely

Russia’s TASS news agency reported that former lightweight world champion with mixed martial arts ‘MMA’ organization ‘UFC’, Russian Habib Nurmagomedov, who resides in his hometown of Dagestan, said decided to leave the world of martial arts completely and permanently. TASS cited various sources that Habib will completely step away from this world, including management of […]

Harry Potter commemorative coin

Date 29/10/2022 19:04:57 (MENAFN– Al-Bayan) The British Royal Mint has announced that Harry Potter, the hero of writer JK Rowling’s novel series, will appear on a number of commemorative coins in the UK, including 50 pence coins, as well as other coins featuring portraits of Queen Elizabeth. And King Charles. According to The List, to […]

The auction of the James Bond universe reaches almost 8 million dollars

Auctions dedicated to the character of James Bond, during which a copy of the “Aston Martin” car used in the stunt scenes, was sold for 6.87 million pounds (7.7 million dollars), money that will be used to finance associations, according to what Christie’s house announced. The results of these auctions, which ended Wednesday, exceeded the […]

Are animal sounds examples of normal appears? This is the clarification

In the meantime, according to the frequency of the audio it is divided into a few, specifically infrasonic, audiosonic and ultrasonic. Infrasound is a kind of seem that has a frequency down below 20 Hz. Infrasound is a style of sound that is below the frequency selection of human listening to. For audiosonic it is […]

Gigantic Jet: The even now mysterious sighting of lightning bolts upwards

discovered, giant jet it emerges from the clouds at an altitude of 8 km and then extends to a peak 10 times increased, 80 km, or the Karman line, the boundary concerning the earth’s environment and outer place. Gigantic jets emit an electrical demand of up to 300 coulombs, a great deal much more impressive […]