Actor Puskepalis was hospitalized with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

In the last week, Puskepalis had no contact with the troupe or the administration of the theater he runs. But as a preventive measure, tests for COVID-19 were taken from 60 people Sergey Puskepalis (Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti) The artistic director of the Volkovsky theater in Yaroslavl, famous actor Sergei Puskepalis, was hospitalized […]

“One of the brothers didn’t even know of its existence”

They leave to starve the son imprisoning him for years. Maxwell Schollenberger is died at 12 at his home in Pennsylvania, United States, due to severe malnutrition due to the fact that his parents denied him food and freedom for years. The boy barely weighed 19 chili when it was found. Read also> Fires in […]

François Stanislas Cloez, renowned chemist, has marked the history of his town

François Stanislas Cloez is a child of Ors, who was first a pharmacist before becoming a great French chemist. Its name has even been given to a species of Eucalyptus. François Stanislas Cloez was born June 24, 1817 in Ors and died October 12, 1883. French chemist, he is best known for his pioneering role […]

They make Covid-19 parties and bet to see who gets the virus first

EAlabama students are organizing Covid-19 when inviting people infected with the virus and place bets to see who gets infected. According to what was reported by the American press, the participants put money in a pot and the first to be diagnosed with the disease, after the party, wins the money placed there. Alabama police […]

Resume on restoration? “Things are evolving, slowly”

THE head of the Government, who spoke to journalists after giving “a hug” and having coffee with the commander and founder of Delta Cafés, Rui Turnip, in Campo Maior, in the district of Portalegre, considered that company to be an “excellent observation point”, a “barometer”, to find out how the economic recovery is taking place. […]

Oxford scientist says vaccine will last “several years”

A vaccine against the new coronavirus, which is being developed by the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, should offer “a good duration of immunity”, said the researcher and professor of vaccinology Sarah Gilbert, na Câtimes of the Commons. “We are optimistic, based on previous studies, that we will see a good duration of immunity, […]

Portuguese can do tourism in Tunisia

Portugal is at the middle level, alongside Spain and France, but tourists have to give a negative test to the covid-19, held three to five days before the trip, and staying in a hotel previously prepared by the State, with the only exception for organized tours. At the end of the first week of the […]