Harry Affirms Prince William’s Child Will Be Like Himself: Be a Backup

Jakarta – Harry and Meghan Markle’s names have been sticking out over the past week. Thanks to Spare’s memoirs, which were published on January 10, she has exposed various issues about the royal family including her strained relationship with her brother, Prince William. In an interview with the Telegraph, after releasing Spare’s memoir, the Duke […]

Kate felt like she was on the edge of the abyss. Prince Harry reveals the “lipstick” story between Megan and his brother’s wife, “William”.

Al-Marsad newspaper: Prince Harry has given exciting details about a crisis that took place between his wife, Megan Markle, and the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, wife of his brother, Prince William, over lipstick. Prince Harry described this awkward situation when Megan Markle asked to borrow Kate Middleton’s lipstick while attending Wimbledon in 2019. Harry, […]

Prince Harry reveals the strange behavior of his family members that tarnished his reputation … and explains the secret of his escape to California

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Prince Harry revealed a surprise about what his family members had done to discredit him, saying his family members collaborated with the devil, ‘yellow journalism’ to improve their reputations at his and her expense wife Megan. Prince Harry has said he fled Britain with his family to California in 2020, ‘fearing for our […]

Not even bad Harry spared the king! See how he hit it

The most startling revelations in Prince Harry’s autobiography “Spare” (Spare also means “spare”), which will be released on January 10, concern relationships within the royal family. In recent days the British newspaper “The Guardian” has published a preview of excerpts. Details of its content were also made public by its Spanish-language edition.According to an article […]

Harry admits that he often uses cocaine, his goal is to oppose the kingdom

Jakarta – Back-up memoir written by Prince Harry he opened up various things in his life, including problems in the British Empire. The Duke of Sussex also recalled using cocaine at the age of 17. He opened the veil on the details of his adolescence. Harry admits that he was offered cocaine on a “hunting […]