Between high demand and shortage

In recent days, several videos have emerged on social networks showing citizens queuing in front of pharmacies due to the insufficiency of the drugs prescribed as part of the therapeutic protocol for the care of Covid patients. This has caused concern among all sections of society that these drugs are still scarce on the market. […]

Genetic studies on cancer and its prevention

August 4, 2021 – 01:04 Counseling through this approach would allow for cancer mutations to be investigated, prevented, or treated. Access to genetic studies focused on cancer could allow a new prevention perspective aimed at exhaustive control and follow-up for those who have in their genes the possibility of developing some type of cancer. It […]

Grading system will be changed in elementary school

Photo: Taisiya Stetsenko The grading system will be changed for students in grades 1-4 Schoolchildren in grades 1-4 will receive grades in the form of letters, and not in the form of numbers – the Ministry of Education has developed new recommendations. The Ministry of Education has approved recommendations for assessing the learning outcomes of […]

the three end-of-pandemic scenarios

In a study published in the prestigious magazine, a team of scientists extrapolates three end-of-pandemic scenarios: “The best scenario” involves the natural mutation of the virus into an infectious agent with limited health effects, weaker than those of influenza common. “The worst-case scenario” assumes that the pandemic remains uncontrolled for a long time. “Thus, we […]

News – Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Faculty is pleased to announce that this interactive space on light is one of the attractions presented on the Heritage Loop of Urban Walks, one of the cultural activities offered by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) this summer. The Optical Terrace was carried out by a multidisciplinary team of physics, architecture […]

This is how TV advertising works compared to YouTube & Co. | Special | Screenforce Days 2021

The differences between content and advertising are also striking. With TV and BVOD, advertising is as emotional as the content. (TV: content 33 percent, advertising 31 percent // BVOD: content 38 percent, advertising 35 percent). With YouTube, the discrepancy is slightly larger at minus 5 percentage points (content: 35 percent, advertising 30 percent). At minus […]

Hormones and Corona: Why men are more likely to get seriously ill

Monday, June 7th, 2021 Hormones and corona Why men are more likely to get seriously ill The gender of Covid patients has a great influence on the course of the disease. The risk of serious illness is significantly higher in men than in women. A US research team has now investigated why this is. Even […]

HES-SO – Social work – Haute école

Coordinator Christian Maggiori, Freiburg High School of Social Work – HETS-FR Internal Members Jean-François Bickel, University of Social Work Friborg – HETS-FRMilena Chimienti, Geneva University of Social Work – HETS-GEMonica Battaglini, Geneva University of Social Work – HETS-GECaroline Henchoz, HES⁠-⁠SO Valais-Wallis – University of Social Work – HETSMarina Richter, HES⁠-⁠SO Valais-Wallis – University of Social […]

The Armada rolls its mechanics on Twitter, in the midst of a diplomatic crisis

In the midst of a diplomatic crisis, Spain displayed its pectorals of force for colonizing the Nekkour islet, one of the confetti occupied by its army in front of El Hoceima. Indeed, the Armada Española (Spanish navy) published on its twitter account a video showing a supply operation of the fort of the Nekkour islet […]