I walk ahead with Lamela

The first big operation of the summer at Sevilla has come unexpectedly, or suddenly, at least for the general public. It will be a matter of days but the future of Bryan Gil It seems more and more out of Nervión with an imminent millionaire transfer to Tottenham that serves the Seville club to kill, […]

Here are those who could get COVID-19 even after complete vaccination

PHOTO: Reuters Elderly people with multiple chronic diseases and immunosuppression are more likely to become infected with the coronavirus and develop a severe form of Kovid-19 even after vaccination, according to an Israeli study cited by BTA. “Overall, we can conclude that these are not healthy people,” study leader Prof. Tal Brosch, who is the […]

The oppositions are reactivated before the advance of the vaccine

Opponents during an examination. SILVIA SÁNCHEZ FERNÁNDEZ The advance in vaccination against covid-19, the stabilization of severe cases of coronavirus and the experience of massive tests held in person during the pandemic, such as the last two editions of selectivity, have reactivated the most numerous selective processes of the administrations public. All the oppositions were […]

Gene from cells that surround tumors is key in the advancement of breast cancer

Spanish researchers discovered that a gene present in the cells that surround tumors, and that form the so-called tumor stroma, is key in the progression of breast cancer. Details of the finding have been published in Cancer Research. Led by researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Complutense University of Madrid […]

The file for the future Montville-Malaunay fire and rescue center is moving forward

Posted 04/05/2021 at 4:43 p.m. Montville. It is in the former industrial wasteland Legrand-Normandie that the firefighters of Montville and Malaunay must settle. Anne-Sophie Clabaut and André Gauthier sign the pre-deed of transfer. (Photo PN) Anne-Sophie Clabaut and André Gauthier sign the pre-deed of transfer. (Photo PN) Part of the existing building with the Montville […]

Scientific breakthrough: mouse embryos are developed in an artificial uterus

The experiment allows to observe the initial plan of embryonic development of a mammal “There are fields, endless fields, where human beings are no longer born. We are cultivated,” Morpheus tells Neo in the film. Matrix (1999). A team of researchers from the Weizmann Scientific InstituteBut the results of their study can be as startling […]

Close the car door and cut your finger… Frustrated with advanced options

Nowadays, there are cars with the option of automatically closing the car door when it is less closed. However, there was a report that my finger was seriously injured due to this function. Reporter Kim Sang-min reported on the report that you should be more careful in a house with children. A man calling someone […]