Samsung will hold a launch event for the Galaxy S21 series on January 14th

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series The latest smartphone from the Korean side After the device information has been released for a while. Both data and design of the device Recently, the camp has announced the official launch date. Glimpse together on January 14 Samsung has released promotional images for the launch of the Galaxy S21 Seires, […]

Koprovai are fast again. The Falen Samsung S21 are here

<!—-> It has been less than two weeks since the premiere of the new samsung ns ds, but many people are clear about what the news will be and how it will look. The situation is also being used by Asian imitation producers, who are able to copy the phone in record time only for […]

Galaxy A32, Samsung’s Most Affordable 5G Cell Phone

Jakarta, – A number of manufacturers smartphone competing to bring 5G mobile phones at affordable prices. The technology giant from South Korea (South Korea), Samsung, is reportedly developing the Galaxy A32. Smartphone This latest is said to have 5G technology at a ‘friendly’ price. An image of the Galaxy A32 has recently been leaked. […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy S21 Release Date – Long awaited, Samsung finally officially announced the schedule of the event titled ” Galaxy Unpacked “for candidate launch smartphone flagship newest this year. At the show Galaxy Unpacked which was held at the beginning of the year, Samsung usually introduced the Galaxy S. In event this time, it was most likely the stage was […]

Sven Nys keeps the pace with the Samsung Galaxy range – Samsung newsroom belgium

A ‘Work hard, play hard’ to the extent of a former world champion Sporting performances at the highest level cannot be improvised, it is based on a flawless organization and planning of training, competitions and essential moments of relaxation. It is no different for the modern entrepreneurial spirit. No one can attest to this better […]

From price to advantages. A leak reveals everything about the “Galaxy S21”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Both phones will be supplied "Galaxy S21" And"Galaxy S21 Plus", Flat screens of the type "Infinity- or Dynamic AMOLED"The first screen will measure 6.2 inches, while the second will be 6.7 inches. And as transferred "B.J.R." About the site "Wayne Future"Then, both phones will support ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. The two […]

Samsung Galaxy M Series specifications and prices, more affordable with discounts

LAMONGAN TODAY – Samsung continues to provide various offers with high specifications. This is to provide satisfaction to all loyal Samsung users. In addition to qualified specifications, Samsung is also providing a lot discount, especially for Samsung Galaxy M Series. Also Read: 5 Prices for Samsung cellphones with steady cameras, suitable for social media content […]