China tested a missile that struck every point on Earth in minutes

Beijing denies NATO is expanding its operations against it China has tested a nuclear hypersonic missile that could hit any point on Earth in minutes, the Financial Times reported. U.S. government sources say the superweapon is moving at 21,000 miles per hour in low orbit and would make U.S. missile defense useless. A special hypersonic […]

Elizabeth II completely gave up alcohol

Queen Elizabeth II British tabloids claim that earlier Elizabeth II allowed herself to have a glass in the evenings or a dry martini before dinner. Queen of Great Britain, 95-year-old Elizabeth II, on the advice of doctors, decided to completely abandon alcohol. The newspaper writes about it The Daily Telegraph. “The monarch expects in the […]

Bill Clinton rises to hospital with blood poisoning – CNN

Photo: Twitter 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton The politician’s illness is not associated with COVID-19, and sepsis became the reason for hospitalization, doctors say. Former US President Bill Clinton has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the University of Irvine Medical Center in California due to infection. About this on […]

Culture stars call for release of three Iranian writers at gala in New York

Hundreds of literary, film and music stars at the Free Speech and Writers’ Organization Pen America Gala, at its Gala at the Museum of Natural History in New York on October 5 2021 / AFP Jodie Foster, Awkwafina, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Wole Soyinka: writers, actors, musicians from all-New York demanded Tuesday evening the release of three […]

Breakdowns and damage increase

So the buyers hadn’t thought that: The super slim residential tower 432 Park Avenue should have the image of the ultimate luxury property, shine as the tallest residential building in the world and the investment should prove to be lucrative. After all, the estimated sales value was a good $ 3 billion. But the skyscraper […]