Asus Launches Latest Laptop, Lenovo Doesn’t Want to Lose Competition

RINGTIMES BALI – Company technology big ASUS, issued laptop latest in December 2021. Asus this time comes with a laptop with code name VivoBook Slate 13 YOU ARE. Homemade laptop Asus It comes with attractive features and an elegant appearance. This laptop is not only designed to be thin, it also has a removable screen […]

WhatsApp can now work on multiple devices without a cellphone connection

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – WhatsApp has finally brought a much-requested feature to its messaging app service. Introduced earlier this year, the company has now removed the online connection requirement on mobile to allow the platform to be used across multiple devices. Previously, users had to have a stable internet connection on the Internet smartphone to be […]

Eco-Friendly Laptops Greet the People of Yogyakarta, Check the Details, Yogyakarta- Laptop eco-friendly made by Acer greets the people of Yogyakarta. Green PC Aspire Vero becomes eco-friendly laptop eco friendly made from recycled plastic materials that have been used by consumers or post-consumer recycled (PCR). The chassis of the Acer Aspire Vero laptop uses 30 percent PCR plastic, the keyboard has 50 percent PCR […]

Acer Introduces 4 New Chromebooks, What Are They?, Jakarta – Acer has just launched four of its newest Chromebooks on the market. This Chromebook is said to be here to cater to a wide range of users, from students, workers, to home and business users. “Acer’s complete line of Chromebooks provides a choice of products to meet all types of customer needs, […]

Next Year Infinix Ready to Bring Tablets, TVs, and Smartwatches to Indonesia – Country Marketing Manager Infinix Mobile Indonesia, Sergio Ticoalu said it would bring electronic products outside of smartphones such as tablet, smart TV, laptop, to smartwatches to the Indonesian market. “Starting the beginning of the year there will be more laptops, smartwatches, tablets, and smart TV Infinix in Indonesia. Next year there will definitely […]

This is a list of lightweight PC games that are fun for everyone, no hassle

loading… The list of light PC games that one of the most liked is Minecraft. Photo/IST JAKARTA – Here’s a list lightweight PC games which you can enjoy at any time without having to have a high-spec computer or laptop. No need to bother buying a new laptop or PC. The reason is not everyone […]