How Samsung Overcomes Social Anxiety During a Pandemic

Jakarta: The current social restrictions make it necessary for us to continue to concentrate various activities at home. A number of studies show that reduced social interaction due to restrictions can cause anxiety that can interfere with mental health. The public needs to find ways to deal with the anxiety that can arise at any […]

Addictware – Technology News

In the case of private institutions, online teaching was already attractive before the pandemic, due to the competitive cost of the courses, with the advantage that the lessons can be accessed at any time and geographical location, as long as there is an internet connection. More than a year after the world has been quarantined, […]

Le Petit Poucet Jouve lands a giant patent contract in the United States

After this $ 1.4 billion agreement, the century-old French ETI must recruit 1,150 people. Sleeping Beauty has become supercharged. French mid-size company Jouve and its subsidiary Flatirons Solutions Corporation have just been awarded a ten-year, $ 1.4 billion contract with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office […]

Logitech G Launches G335 Gaming Headset for Teen and Female Gamers, Jakarta – Logitech G have just introduced their newest gaming headset which is sleek, beautiful and lightweight, named Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset. Available in two colors, namely black and white, Logitech target gamer young people, from children to teenagers, as well as players game women for headset gaming this new. “The presence of […]

After the controversy, WhatsApp retaliates

His boss, Will Cathcart, defends the encryption of exchanges and launches an advertising campaign in France. Five months after the controversy that shook its image, WhatsApp wants to regain control. After the United Kingdom and Germany, messaging is launching an internet advertising campaign in France to remind people that exchanges on its application are secure. […]

Redmi Note 10s review, the price and specifications are right!

Jakarta: Redmi Note 10s was released by Xiaomi to Indonesia as a member of the Redmi Note 10 Series family. Of course its presence makes anyone confused, a series consists of three variants or models even though the prices are definitely different. However, according to, this is actually a strategy for Xiaomi to offer […]

iPhone 12 Mini Production Stopped Due to Lack of Sales

Jakarta – Apple reportedly stopped production iPhone 12 mini. Because the sales performance of this model is inferior to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. Taiwanese research company TrendForce claims that the iPhone 12 mini is no longer being produced. This model is said to have entered the end-of-life […]

Kharkiv blogger took the gadget given to him from the child

Photo: Still from video First presented, and then taken away Tiktoker first gave the girl a smartphone, and then immediately took it away. The blogger filmed the donation process on camera. A popular Ukrainian blogger on TikTok gave the child a smartphone on camera, and then convinced the girl and mother that it was “worthless […]