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29,361 New Patients with Stomach Cancer in 2021: Causes, Prevention, and Early Detection

29,361 new patients occurred in 2021 alone

Entered 2024.02.17 17:30 Entered 2024.02.17 17:30 Modified 2024.02.17 15:45 Views 6,285 In preventing stomach cancer, lilies and vegetables such as green onions, garlic, and onions, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits that are not pickled in salt, are helpful. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Stomach cancer is one of the most common cancers in Korea, with nearly 30,000 new patients every year. Although preventive measures to be careful of salty foods have become widely known, there are still too many patients. Unlike other cancers, it can be detected early through gastroscopy, but its cancer mortality rate (4th place) is also quite high. Why is stomach cancer not decreasing significantly and why is it discovered late?

29,361 people in 2021 alone… People in their 50s and 60s account for half of the population.

According to data from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Central Cancer Registry Headquarters released in December last year, 29,361 new patients with stomach cancer occurred in 2021 alone. Although it is slightly fewer than colon cancer (32,751 people) and lung cancer (31,616 people), the number of patients is still large. There are 19,533 men and 9,828 women. Those in their 60s accounted for the largest portion at 31.5%, followed by those in their 70s at 25.8% and those in their 50s at 19.1%. There are many cases where it is discovered late as metastasis, so the mortality rate is high.

There is a sure method of early detection… Why is it discovered in a metastatic state?

Unlike other cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, there is a way to prevent stomach cancer and detect it early. It is an upper endoscope. A gastroenterologist can examine the stomach mucosa and immediately determine whether cancer has occurred or is in its early stages. Health insurance subscribers over 40 years of age can receive a gastroscopy every two years. Even if people undergo national cancer screening well, the number of cases of stomach cancer being discovered in a dangerous metastatic state will decrease. However, there are quite a few people who avoid endoscopy because “it’s annoying” or “they’re scared.”

What are the things that damage my stomach mucosa?

There are many known risk factors for stomach cancer. If you enjoy eating salty foods, processed meats (ham, sausage, etc.), and smoke for a long time, your risk is high. This is because it creates an environment in which carcinogens can easily penetrate the stomach mucosa. Helicobacter pylori is also a risk factor. It is safe to eat stew and side dishes using personal plates, not only at restaurants outside but also at home. If diseases that increase the risk of stomach cancer, such as atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia, or dysplasia, are discovered through gastroscopy, more attention should be paid to preventing stomach cancer.

What are the symptoms?

In the early stages, there are no symptoms and most cases are discovered accidentally during health checkups. There may be discomfort in the upper abdomen, bloating, and heartburn, but it is often considered a digestive disorder. Symptoms such as pain in the stomach area, weight loss, and anemia may appear. Stomach cancer is also influenced by heredity. If you have a family history, it is a good idea to carefully check for risk factors (Helicobacter pylori infection, consumption of salty foods, etc.) and get tested.

Fresh non-salted vegetables and fruits contribute to prevention

As a result of the World Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) compiling various research results from around the world, it was found that lilies, vegetables (green onions, garlic, onions, etc.), and fresh fruits lower the risk of developing stomach cancer. Raw vegetables high in antioxidants are also helpful. However, it is known that when taken as a nutritional supplement, the cancer prevention effect is not clear. To prevent stomach cancer, eating salty foods and quitting smoking are essential.

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