Back Pain? Relieve by Eating This Fruit

WE Online, Jakarta – Back pain is a common condition that affects most people especially during pandemic. But you can lower your risk of back pain simply by eating more cherries. Launching from Express, back pain can be caused by the wrong sleeping position, poor posture, or even from a minor injury. Also Read: Stop […]

Causes and Ways to Overcome Pinched Nerves

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Pinched nerve or HNP (hernia nucleus pulposus) is a condition in which soft, gelatinous inter-spinal cushions protrude, pressing on surrounding nerves. Generally, HNP occurs on the lower back and neck. A pinched nerve complication that can occur is cauda equina syndrome. Symptoms include weakness in both legs, unable to feel touch, and […]

Treating back pain with simple ways, including exercise

Treating back pain can be with simple methods and lifestyle changes that help relieve back pain, and studies have indicated that about 80% of people develop lower back pain at least once in their life, and most back pain attacks improve within days or weeks and will not turn To a chronic problem, in this […]

Is there a link between Corona virus and back pain?

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Back pain is not specifically listed as a symptom of corona virus, but it does include muscle pain and body pain as a sign that must be looked for, so should you worry about Corona if you suffer from back pain ?, Here is what you […]

Although Less Common, Muscle Pain Can Indicate Covid-19

loading… JAKARTA – experienced back pain or muscles can indicate an early Covid-19 infection. Although body aches can have many causes, it turns out that muscle pain associated with the new coronavirus is a little different. (Also read: Management of Hypertension in Heart Disease during a Pandemic) Report World Health Organization (WHO) who analyzed 55,924 […]

Yvetta Blanarovičová: THEFT OF DIAMOND JEWELERY!

She had to put it away, because MRI patients were not allowed to wear jewelry. Family monument “I dressed quickly after her so that my back wouldn’t get cold, and he probably fell on me. Then, unfortunately, I didn’t find him again. The medical staff looked everywhere for me, but after two hours they always […]

Unveiling a strange remedy for back pain relief

09:00 AM Monday 14 September 2020 Agencies Back pain can land you in a really turbulent mood, which is understandable. However, shock treatment may be the answer. Usually, a battery-powered device, connected to electrodes, is placed on the skin, according to “Russia Today”. Once the device is switched on, a slight electric current pulses through […]

Watch out! Back pain can be a sign of lung cancer

JAKARTA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – One symptom of lung cancer is back pain. Unfortunately these Cancer Symptoms usually appear when the cancer has spread in the lungs. Reporting from Express, there are symptoms that are quite common in cancer sufferers, namely back pain. More than a quarter of lung cancer patients develop pain in the back. The […]