6 natural drinks to boost immune system health amid the Corona epidemic

It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, especially during the Corona epidemic, which requires eating the correct nutrition, as the antibodies present in our immune system work to fight diseases and infections. A study conducted by the University of Melbourne in Australia found, according to a website report.thehealthsite “That Strong immune system It can […]

How Can Antibodies Help Covid-19 Attack Cells?

A new study in China suggests antibodies can actually worsen Covid-19 patients. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, HONGKONG – Researchers are urging drug makers to examine whether a vaccine is Covid-19 can experimentally cause the immune system to produce antibody high risk known as 7F3. The antibodies are thought to actually help corona virus attack cells in some cases. […]

Researchers describe cases where the second covid infection is worse than the first. The infected patient died for the second time – ČT24 – Czech Television

Cases of coronavirus reinfection are so far uncommon. Studie v The Lancet wonders to what extent immunity can be established against coronavirus. The twice-infected man is from Nevada and has no chronic health problems or weakened immunity, which would place him at risk in case of coronavirus infection. The first symptoms, including cough, headache, sore […]

Variety of Fruits to Increase Immunity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Several types fruit beneficial to increase body immunity. Moreover, in the midst of the plague corona virus like this, the immune system needs support. Even though it is true, nutrition experts and doctors agree that warding off the virus is a tricky matter that is not just consuming extra fruit or […]

5 Drinks to Increase Immunity, Can Be Made at Home

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Lots of ways to keep body endurance remain strong. Some drink to increase the body’s immunity you can make yourself at home. Along with the Covid-19 outbreak, the immune system has become a very important matter. It is believed that a strong immune system can protect itself from various diseases. Not […]

8 Foods to Avoid for a Strong Immune

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Talk about body immunity endless. The immune system is important to keep the body healthy and avoid various diseases. Some food need to be avoided in order to keep the body’s immune system strong. Apart from physical activity and getting enough sleep, food is also the key to keeping the immune […]

Parma, the first case of flu in a nine-month-old baby is in advance

The first case of seasonal flu has been identified, slightly earlier than in previous years, and which marks the start of the flu season in Italy. The isolation took place in Parma, by the team of the director of the School of Specialization in Microbiology and Virology of the University of Parma Adriana Calderaro. This […]

5 Facts You Need to Know About Immunity

loading… IMMUNITY is a complex system of cells, tissues, and organs to protect the body. Immune system it is the duty to tell which body is the “friend” and which is the “enemy” to be destroyed. (Also read: Let’s Build Your Immune System by Eating Hot Chili Peppers) Here are some things to know about […]