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How to Boost Immunity: Avoid These Common Mistakes Like Skipping Water and Using Smartphone Lights at Night

Skipping water, staying angry, and becoming familiar with smartphone lights at night.

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Let’s take a closer look at what we do inadvertently because there are times when it lowers our immunity. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]When it suddenly gets cold like these days, our body’s immunity tends to drop, so we become more exposed to colds and body aches. It is important to protect our immunity to fight against pathogens that our body is exposed to 24 hours a day, but our inadvertent actions can sometimes lower our immunity, so let’s take a closer look.

Why does immunity decline?

When we are healthy, the perfect immune system of the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system work in harmony to protect our body. However, as the functions of the tissues and cells responsible for the immune system decline, immunity naturally declines. In other words, low immunity means there is a problem with the body’s defense system. There are many reasons for low immunity. If you smoke or drink frequently. These include overwork or stress, decreased body resistance due to aging, continued lack of sleep, obesity, and rapid temperature changes due to seasonal changes.

Skipping waking up in the morning and drinking water

We drink water to flush out waste and toxins from the body. However, if your body does not have enough moisture, toxins will accumulate in your body and your immunity will weaken. Sufficient water intake also helps produce lymph, and our immune system uses lymph to send white blood cells and nutrients to each body tissue. Lymph transports water and nutrients to all cells through the blood and transports white blood cells and immune cells produced in the thymus and bone marrow. Therefore, drinking plenty of water helps white blood cells and immune cells fight disease. In addition, since we were unable to drink water while sleeping, waking up in the morning and drinking water can be considered the best health habit.

Staying angry or stressed

When we are angry or stressed, the stress hormones adrenaline or cortisol are released. If adrenaline is secreted for a long time, blood sugar levels in the body rise, so it is quite harmful to people with diabetes or poor insulin function. In severe cases, shock occurs due to excessive secretion of adrenaline. Moreover, when cortisol and adrenaline are excessively secreted due to stress, a large amount of free radicals are created that oxidize our body. At this time, blood sugar levels rise and inflammation increases throughout the body. In other words, stress can be seen as the main culprit in causing chronic inflammation.

Sleep with the light on or your smartphone next to your bed at night

If you sleep with your smartphone next to you, you may inevitably be affected by alarms, lights, etc. In general, light plays a role in helping maintain the circadian rhythm, which is the sleep-wake cycle. Humans have a circadian rhythm with a 24-hour cycle. Natural light from the sun stimulates arousal and alertness, which helps you stay awake during the day. Conversely, as evening approaches and the lights dim, the level of alertness decreases. However, if you turn on the light, let alone your smartphone, your brain cannot distinguish between this light and the sun. Therefore, this type of light can interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone that causes fatigue, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep and affecting your immunity.

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