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20,000 euros – “It’s worth thinking about what’s good” – 2024-04-26 14:48:21

Jyry Laurila announced on various social media channels that he is available in the summer for various projects, such as painting, construction and yard work.

Screenshots from Laurila’s Tiktok publication, where she talks about her busy summer. Jyry Laurila

Two years ago, 18 years old Jyry Laurila set himself an ambitious goal – he wanted to earn 20,000 euros during the summer. And also succeeded in his goal.

Today, 20-year-old Laurila originally wanted to make a Tiktok video series out of her summer work and her goal of 20,000 euros, but she didn’t make it. Laurila has been enterprising since childhood, and she also wanted to gain experience in self-employment, so the work plans remained the same despite this.

Laurila got the idea to market her services using social media. He published his own free-form announcement on Facebook and Linkedin. In his announcements, he said he could help with various tasks and projects, such as painting, construction and yard work, window washing and demolition work. In addition, he also called companies and told them about the services he offered.

– I put the first notices on the fire and I was confident that I could handle those tasks as well. Se Puri understood quite well that it was a young guy and offered to help. I was surprised when I was able to sell the entire summer in the first week.

The work started rolling

Laurila said earlier on Tiktok that her message box “exploded” as a result of the notifications. According to him, there were more than 300 contacts.

– I did all the work that was offered. At first there was a lot of renovation work and painting. I also have experience in social media and online work, so I also did them for some companies. For some companies, I went as a subcontractor to do work for an hourly wage. I even cut the lawn once. The strangest job was assembling the chicken coop.

At some point, Laurila realized that taking on bigger projects was more financially profitable.

Laurila talked about her summer on Tiktok. Screenshot

Laurila also changed her pricing from an hourly wage to a project wage. He said on Tiktok that he renovated a room in a detached house for a total of 14 hours for an hourly wage of 20 euros. The project salary seemed to better correspond to the value of the work and also increased Laurila’s motivation.

But sometimes it was also tiring.

– I did feel it at times like that when I went to hockey training and went to work on it until late at night. Then I wonder what the hell I’m here for. But I never thought I couldn’t do it anymore. If you like what you’re doing, you won’t feel so much exhaustion, says Laurila.

Your views

Laurila had a “great feeling” after the summer, when the goal was fulfilled. During the following year, the salary money earned during the summer was spent on the hockey hobby and financing student life, but also to some extent on establishing my own Kromistore vintage clothing store.

Laurila says that she has been selling clothes since she was 14, at first on Instagram and later in her own online store. A year ago, Laurila opened a brick-and-mortar store in Turku with her business partner.

Laurila wants to encourage young people to be resourceful in their job search. Job advertisements published by employers may not produce results when there are more applicants.

– You should think about some things you are good at and what you like to do. Then think about how you could find similar jobs. It’s always better to try than to stay there on the sidelines. At least you learn a lot from it and it will also be useful in the future.

In January, the taxman published a rather exceptional summer job advertisement.

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