Up to 20 ° in November, at the end – snow

There will be a golden autumn in November. PHOTO: LILY KLISUROVA Precipitation – only in the west The average temperature in November in most areas will be 1-2 degrees above the norm. After the frosty October we will warm with the autumn from 12 to 20 degrees. It will be slightly below the norm only […]

Bad weather will cover Ukraine tomorrow: where it will rain (map) – Ukraine News

Forecasters write that it will be rainy, but in some regions It will rain all day long / “Today” collage Tomorrow, October 15, Ukraine will overcast, it will rain in some regions. At night forecasters promise frosts. It is reported by Ukrhydrometeorological Center. West Here the weather will be from 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. […]

The number of the autumn conscription is approved – Korrespondent.net

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Flickr More than 13.5 thousand Ukrainians will be called up for service In the autumn period, slightly fewer young Ukrainians will be called up for military service than in the spring. As part of the autumn draft in 2021, 13,575 people will be called up for military service. […]

California. Monarch butterflies winter on Pismo Beach

The little town of Pismo Beach has become a stage to admire the spectacular migration of monarch butterflies looking to winter in the forests of California, due to the change of season. From mid-September to February, more than 10,000 monarch butterflies will settle in the trees of Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove, one of five […]

It’s time to strengthen your immune defenses for autumn with these tricks

Autumn is almost upon us and here comes flu and cold on time. How to strengthen our body in view of the coldest temperatures? Fortunately, there are some good habits that we can practice throughout the year and some foods and natural remedies that can help us strengthen our immunitary defense. Below we propose some […]

Autumn horoscope! Find out what awaits you in the colorful months

Falling leaves, sweaters or a cup of hot chocolate. Everyone thinks of something different with the word autumn. But what awaits you in this colorful period, which begins on Wednesday, September 22? The autumnal equinox occurs on Wednesday, September 22, and begins astronomical autumn. The sun shifts from the sign of Virgo to the sign […]

Autumn begins. Do we take out our winter coats or do we still enjoy the heat?

Pleasant temperatures in the Czech Republic have not yet said the last word. After cold and rainy days, we can look forward to the old lady’s summer. According to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová, it will come together with the beginning of astronomical autumn, which falls on Wednesday. And this is confirmed by the forecast of the […]