This is a list of the 10 most wasteful battery applications – There are many application which can be installed in smartphone. However, did you know that apps can drain your phone’s battery even when you’re not using it? This happens because the application can run in the background (background) system, so it still consumes cellphone power even when not in use. Well, the pCloud […]

the new WhatsApp scam in 2023

The National Police has alerted through its social networks of a new scam committed by WhatsApp. This new scam consists of the scammer contacting women and posing as their son to request money. He already known as the Mom and Dad WhatsApp scam goes far beyond impersonating a public administration or a bank, in this […]

Instagram’s boss admits video inflation on the service

In 2022, Instagram invested heavily in the Reels video feature. Perhaps a little too much when many users began to criticize Instagram for no longer being Instagram but some kind of copy of the competitor Tiktok. Now Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says during a Q&A session with users that Instagram showed users too many videos […]

Twitter is changing the feed – again

Twitter has once again changed the way the feed works, and users can now once again specify which feed they want as the default. The choice is between the recently introduced “For you” feed, where the algorithm controls what is shown, or the “Following” version, which shows Tweets from those you follow in chronological order. […]

Elon Musk won’t pay rent for Twitter headquarters | Tech

The landlord of the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco has taken the social media company to court. The owner of the office says he still owes 6.8 million dollars (6.3 million euros) in arrears of rent. The real estate company Sri Nine Market Square is also demanding that the tech company increase the collateral from […]

Dylan Thiry, the “philanthropist” influencer who does too much – Liberation

Info Libé Article reserved for subscribers Five people have filed a complaint against the former reality TV candidate for “breach of trust” in the context of online pots intended to finance humanitarian missions in several countries in Africa and the Middle East. In the Dubai-influenced world, a superficial lifestyle and a taste for ostentatious luxury […]