Dealer crashes new charged Ford pickup right before delivery to customer (video)

Auto March 02, 2023 at 02:53 pm Photo: Ford | The owner of the Ford Ranger Raptor was not immediately aware of what happened The seller unsuccessfully drove a customer’s Ford Ranger Raptor on a dirt road. What exactly caused the accident is unknown. In South Africa, a local dealer employee crashed a Ford Ranger […]

McLaren considering F1 engine deal with Red Bull Ford in 2026?[]

McLaren, which currently uses Mercedes’ F1 power unit, is exploring options to respond to the new rules to be introduced in 2026 and is considering forming an F1 alliance with Red Bull Ford. It is said. The Independent reports that McLaren CEO Zak Brown visited Red Bull Powertrains’ facility in Milton Keynes in early February […]

These 10 companies pay the most money

Motivated employees Salary is one of the factors that bind team members most strongly to an employer. But who pays the most in Germany? Bild: Getty Images Düsseldorf When deciding for or against a company, salary is a crucial factor. The HR report by the personnel service provider Hays, published in February, recently showed how important […]

Ford E-Transit: The future of city delivery?

The electrification of the automotive industry is running at full speed, which also applies to commercial vehicles, including the largest ones. After all, many may still remember that we tested the purely electric version of the Volkswagen e-Crafter in our test at the beginning of 2019. Since then, the large battery van range has grown […]