The top electric BMW iX M60 enters the Czech market with a price of 3.3 million

The purely electric SUV promises a unique combination of features from several model lines, but it also makes you pay for it properly. A few weeks after its official premiere, the top-of-the-line BMW iX M60 is also entering the domestic market, offering customers a unique combination of advanced BMW i models, BMW X versatility and […]

BMW ends with twelve-cylinder engines. He says goodbye to 12 special limousines

Although the Munich carmaker still counts on internal combustion engines, it will no longer have the V12 on offer. Orthodox BMW fans are sad, the Munich carmaker announces that it is ending the production of twelve-cylinder forks for its cars. This means that the next BMW 7 Series will no longer receive a twelve-cylinder version. […]

Custom Motorcycle BMW R18 M, Cruiser but Sporty

JAKARTA, – BMW R18 so motor which caught the attention of many two-wheeled enthusiasts when they first launched. Apart from the large engine capacity, the design is also thick with a classic aura. BMW makes this motorcycle in style cruiser. But, in the hands of the workshop motor custom from Italy, American Dreams of […]

a record year in the luxury segment

More than 2.5 million BMW units were sold globally in 2021 (2,521,525 to be precise), an increase of 9.1% over the previous year. If only electric vehicles are counted, this peak reaches over 50%, reaching 103,855 units. Data from the German company also reveals that one in four vehicles produced by BMW and sold in […]

Last year, BMW replaced Mercedes at the forefront of the luxury car market

Mercedes-Benz’s luxury sales of luxury passenger cars fell five percent last year to 2.05 million. According to Reuters, the Mercedes-Benz brand thus lost its leading position on the luxury car market for the first time in five years. It was overtaken by rival German brand BMW, which announced this week that its global sales last […]

CES 2022, BMW iX Flow and the electric car that changes color

The automotive industry has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, mainly related to the transition from internal combustion engines to electric propulsion. But in addition, manufacturers are creating a bunch of technologies of the future to attract maximum potential customers. What does the new most powerful BMW have in common with Bulgaria? A model that […]

This will make life in the back seat completely different

In recent years, there has been a tremendous development on the screens in cars. Tesla kicked it off, with the Model S. Since then, the ball has been booming. Mercedes has set a new standard with its Hyperscreen, which measures 141 centimeters – and extends over more or less the entire dashboard. But that does […]