Price update for Xiaomi cellphones for January 2023, there are lots of discounts – Xiaomi slashed the prices of some of its smartphone models in January 2023. Discounts apply to almost all Xiaomi series, incl Redmi and Little bit. Not just smartphones entry-level which is already priced cheap, several models flagship Xiaomi also dropped the price. For example, Xiaomi 12. The cellphone that was released in April […]

Samsung Still Dominates the World HP Market, But…

Jakarta – Market analysis firm Canalys just released a report regarding the condition world mobile market throughout the year 2022. Samsung is still the king of the global mobile phone market, but the market condition itself is not good. According to a Canalys report, Apple dominate the global mobile phone market in the fourth quarter […]

List of Xiaomi Cellphones That Slash Prices in January 2023, Check!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Xiaomi is providing price discounts on several of its cell phone lines this January. There are even discounts that reach IDR 1 million. Monitoring CNBC Indonesia, Tuesday (17/1/2023), price reductions on Xiaomi’s official website are carried out for all cell phone lines. Starting from Redmi, Xiaomi, to Poco. One of them […]

Xiaomi Lowers the Price of Redmi 10 2022 and Redmi 10 5G, So How Much?

Jakarta: Previously, the Poco brand announced price cuts for the Poco F4 GT smartphone, now it is the turn of its parent, namely Xiaomi, to cut selling prices for two variants of the Redmi 10 smartphone. According to official information provided to, Xiaomi has cut the selling price of the Redmi 10 2022 and […]

Good News, Xiaomi Redmi 10 2022 and Redmi 10 5G Price Drop

Monday, 16 January 2023 – 17:06 WIB LIVE Techno – Welcoming the beginning of 2023, brand Xiaomi offering attractive offers on several products, including two mid-range phones Redmi 10 5G and Redmi 10 2022 which drops pricemaking both of them mobile phones with the best performance in their class at a more economical price. Redmi […]

Price list for the latest Xiaomi Redmi cellphones for 2023, check the details! – Welcoming the beginning of 2023, Xiaomi offers attractive offers for Indonesian consumers. Two of Xiaomi’s mid-range phones, namely the Redmi 10 5G and Redmi 10 2022, have now dropped in price, making them both the best performing phones in their class at a new, more economical price. Redmi 10 5G, the first Redmi […]

Xiaomi reveals its new 90 W charger

a new one has appeared charger of 90 W of Xiaomi in the 3C certification, and from MDTech we will tell you more about it. Everything indicates that the chinese company a new charger is in hand, however, we may not know the model that will bring it from the factory. We can ensure that […]

Xiaomi models announced that will not receive the MIUI update

Xiaomi has announced that it does not plan to push the upcoming MIUI 14 update to these devices. He informed that smartphones running Android 12 will get the latest version.The MIUI 14 version continues to be released for the company’s flagship models such as the Xiaomi 12 at the moment. Good news is expected very […]