OM confiscates $ 25 million in bitcoin, traders jailed | NOW

The court in Rotterdam has convicted two bitcoin traders for money laundering. The duo had converted 25 million euros in bitcoins in their hands. Which reports the Public Prosecution Service. The traders have been sentenced to prison terms of 2 and 2.5 years, of which six months are each conditional. The duo used cash to […]

Minecraft will no longer be playable without a Microsoft account from 2021 | NOW

People coming next year Minecraft To continue playing, they need a Microsoft account, according to a message on the website of the game. The change applies to players of the original Minecraft. Since 2011 there are two versions that have been developed separately. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition was made for game consoles and the Windows Store. […]

American politician Ocasio-Cortez attracts 435,000 viewers to Twitch debut | NOW

American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made his debut on the video streaming site on Wednesday morning Twitch with one of the most watched streams ever. At the peak of the stream, 435,000 people watched. Ocasio-Cortez streamed the popular game Among Us. In it, players have to fix a spaceship and figure out who the saboteur is […]

Facebook brings its own dating service to the Netherlands | NOW

Facebook has released its own dating service in the Netherlands and all other countries of the European Union, the company announced on Wednesday. Facebook Dating allows users to create a separate dating profile that allows them to be matched with other users of the service. Facebook competes with apps such as Tinder. The dating service […]

‘iPhone 12 drains 20 percent faster with 5G use’ | NOW

The battery of the iPhone 12 would drain 20 percent faster when using 5G internet. This is evident from tests by Tom’s Guide. During the test, a new website was visited every thirty seconds on an iPhone 12 and 12 Pro until the battery was empty. In one test round this was done on 4G, […]

Investigators Discover Telegram Bot That Takes Nude Photos From Real Photos | NOW

A bot on the Telegram chat app took fake nude photos of more than 100,000 photos of women. The bot is still active and the images are shared in different Telegram channels, researcher discovered They are so-called deepfakes, photos that are generated by an artificial intelligence based on existing material. The number of deepfakes […]

Netflix received a lot less subscribers ‘as expected’ | NOW

Netflix gained 2.2 million new subscribers in the past quarter. That is considerably less than more than 25 million subscribers that the streaming service gained in the first two quarters of this year. According to Netflix, the smaller growth was expected and is due to the success in the first half of this year. Netflix […]

Here’s what we know about the PlayStation 5 | NOW

In November, the PlayStation 4 will get a successor and almost everything about the PlayStation 5 is now known. We list the facts. When will the PlayStation 5 be released? Traditionally, new game consoles arrive in stores at about the same time. This often happens in November, just before the holidays. It’s no different with […]