Use Classic Livery, Limited Sale of 300 Units

Jakarta – Suzuki introduces the latest Jimny model for the Australian market. Carrying the name New Suzuki Jimny Heritage, this car uses a classic livery and is sold in a limited number of 300 units only for the Kangaroo Country market. In appearance, the Suzuki Jimny Heritage displays retro motif stickers on the body. The […]

TEST of the used crossover Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 VVT 4×4

At the outset, I will admit that we have recently tested a used Suzuki S-Cross. Colleague Dalibor found a rather rare piece in a car dealership, an almost unused S-Cross with an atmospheric sixteen-cylinder engine, Allgrip all-wheel drive and a rather atypically equipped variator-type automatic transmission. He was excited about her, and I’m not even […]

The Appeal of the Latest Suzuki Grand Vitara After No Longer Using the Jumbo Engine

Jakarta – Suzuki Grand Vitara the latest generation was officially introduced at the 2023 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS). Unlike the previous Grand Vitara model which carried a 2,393 cc jumbo engine, the latest Grand Vitara uses a smaller engine, namely 1,462 cc. Then what is the attractiveness of the new Grand Vitara in the […]

5 Things to Look For Before Buying an SUV

Jakarta – SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is now one of the types of cars that are preferred by Indonesian consumers. The SUV is considered to have a number of advantages that are suitable for road conditions in Indonesia. In addition, technological developments have made SUVs more rational and efficient. According to 4W Marketing Director Suzuki […]

Specifications for the Suzuki Tour S, an economical sedan that costs Rp. 119 million

Jakarta – Recently, Maruti Suzuki officially launched the Suzuki Tour S in India. This sedan that is presented for entry-level or beginners has many advantages, starting from its fuel-efficient engine to its affordable price. Come on, take a peek Suzuki Tour S specsdetectives! Disitat detikOto from Greatbiker, Monday (13/2), Suzuki Tour S is claimed to […]

Save on fuel, the price is only IDR 119 million!

Jakarta – Maruti Suzuki has officially launched the Suzuki Tour S in India. This sedan type vehicle has a number of advantages, starting from its economical engine to its attractive price. Disitat detikOto from Gaadiwaadi, Saturday (11/2), Suzuki Tour S in appearance still carries the style of an entry-level sedan, namely compact dimensions with all-round […]

It’s not expensive, as much as the annual tax for Suzuki Avenis 125

Jakarta – Suzuki Avenis 125 is one of the newest scooter models in Indonesia. Imported in full from India, Avenis is priced at IDR 29,970,000. So how much is the annual tax? For information, referring to the STNK (Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate), there are five fees charged to motorized vehicle owners, namely BBN-KB (Motorized Vehicle […]