Valentino Rossi: Video analysis on the ranch / MotoGP

Italy’s MotoGP icon Valentino Rossi made his many fans an unexpected joy with a special video especially for the quiet Christmas days. Valentino Rossi is also busy in the run-up to Christmas and this time again consistently sat on the motorcycle. In the days before Christmas, the 41-year-old completed an extended training session under floodlights […]

[Start running and experience immediately]Suzuki’s new Solio / Bandit test drive What has changed? Evaluation of luggage compartment / interior / mild HV | AUTOCAR JAPAN

Table of contents ーWhat kind of car is it?ーCheck the expanded luggage compartmentーNaturally aspirated 1.2L + MHV What is it like?ーQuietness / Cornering?ーWith / without ADASーSuzuki Safety Support is standardーIs it “buy”?ーNew Solio specーNew Solio Bandit Spec What kind of car is it? text: Shigeo Kawashima (Shigeo Kawashima) photo: Masanobu Ikenohira (Masanobu Ikenohira) I extended […]

The story of Me Predecessor Kenny Roberts Jr. / MotoGP

MotoGP world champion Joan Mir brought Suzuki 20 years after Kenny Roberts jr. another title in the «premier class». The now 47-year-old American said goodbye to the big stage in 2007. Across all GP classes, 23-year-old Joan Mir is only the tenth different world champion for Suzuki – after Kenny Roberts Jr. (500 cc: 2000), […]

Suzuki Across enters Czech sales. So far only for a select few

The Across is the largest and most powerful model in Suzuki history. The price tag of this SUV based on the Toyota RAV4 also corresponds to this. Suzuki launches on the Czech market expected novelty, SUV Acrosswhich is its first model with a plug-in hybrid drive. The car has already revealed its first Czech prize, […]

Joan Mir Champion, Suzuki Give Discounts on All Official Parts

JAKARTA, – PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales ( SIS) provide extras discount 5 percent for the purchase of all accessory products, oils and spare parts Suzuki official. Promo This is valid from 21-30 November 2020 for cars, motorbikes, and outboard machines. The requirement is made online via the My Suzuki mobile application or the […]

Legendary Suzuki racer talks about champions without Marc Marquez page all – Suzuki’s legendary racer, Marco Lucchinelli, speaks up about the champions in his absence Marc Marquez. On MotoGP the 2020 season, Marc Marquez’s dominance did not appear after he suffered a serious injury. The six times world champion in the MotoGP class has suffered from injuries since the first series. He then has to […]

Suzuki Carry Comes With Two New Types, This Is The Price

Thursday, 12 November 2020 – 20:13 WIB Suzuki Carry with the minibus variant. Photo: Suzuki Indonesia, JAKARTA – PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) presents two different types of the Carry model. If previously Carry was a pickup, now the car comes with Blind Van and Minubus variants. “We present Carry Minibus and New Blind […]

Spells with sly. Europe first registered vc electric cars, not diesel

<!—-> According to the analysis of the company JATO Dynamicszaala in Europe from the electric revolution. For the first time in history, it happened that diesel cars in the registrations remained not only behind petrol, but also behind those that JATO refers to as EV, ie electrically and specifically electrified. It is known that the […]