Elon Musk is getting richer and twisted, far away from Jeff Bezos

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Founder of SpaceX Elon Musk managed to widen his gap as the world’s richest man with his rivals Jeff Bezos version of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Quotes CNN BusinessThis happened after his fortune skyrocketed to US$222 billion or equivalent to Rp. 3.1 quadrillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,216 per US dollar). […]

Tesla opened Gigafactory 4 near Berlin. Production will start this year

The event called Giga Fest was supposed to allow people to look into the Tesla factory, go through all parts of the production, but above all to see and hear Musek himself on stage. “Starting production is quite easy. The most difficult thing will be to achieve volume production, “added the head of Tesla to […]

Why the car manufacturer is organizing the Giga-Fest

Open day at the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide 9000 guests visiting, many more registrations. (Foto: imago images/Future Image) Panem et circenses – the Romans already knew how the game was going. Emperors like Julius Caesar influenced the people with “bread and circus games”. The Colosseum in Rome is impressive evidence of a culture of influence. Tesla […]

US companies are moving south

Goodbye, California Tesla boss Elon Musk moves the company headquarters to Austin, Texas. (Photo: AP) New York In the middle of Texas, Elon Musk announced his departure from Silicon Valley on Friday. In Austin, where Tesla is already building a large plant, the electrical pioneer announced to investors that the headquarters would be relocated to […]

A day in business: The Czech listing on the London Stock Exchange began infamously

The Czech Eurowag has entered the London Stock Exchange The Czech company Eurowag has entered the London Stock Exchange. However, its shares began trading at a 10 percent drop, falling from 150 pence to 135 pence per share. Eurowag offered 113 million shares, which means a gross yield of around five billion crowns. Two members […]

Tesla is moving. The reason is lower costs

So far, Tesla is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. However, it does not leave the west coast completely, it intends to continue producing here. Tesla will officially move its headquarters from Silicon Valley, California to Texas. This was announced at the general meeting of shareholders of the American carmaker by the […]

Mask announces relocation of Tesla headquarters to Texas – Auto World – Auto

“I am pleased to announce that we are relocating our headquarters to Austin, Texas,” Masks said at the annual shareholders’ meeting. “However, to be clear, we will continue to expand our operations in California.” Masks said sales of Tesla products were growing strongly and the company was increasing deliveries despite a shortage of computer chips […]

Cathie Wood: Star investor leaves New York

Cathie Wood The investor, who early bought Tesla shares and bitcoins, is known for her unconventional approach to stock analysis. (Photo: Reuters) New York Cathie Wood made a career in New York. Now the star investor is turning her back on the financial center. The head of the investment company ARK Invest is closing the […]