Metallica had more than one billion streams on Spotify during 2020

This week, Metallica shared a great milestone with his social media followers: They had more than a billion streams on Spotify during 2020. Through Instagram, the American band shared a graph showing the statistics of the musical platform, where you can see that they had a billion views, 99.3 million hours played, 53.3 million listeners […]

The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden”

According to the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, it is possible to see 20 light installations created by the best Latvian lighting designers, who have gained experience in theaters, the event industry, cinema and multimedia projects. The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden” +55 See more “This time is […]

As online sales increase by up to 100%, consumer complaints of fraud increase

The information provided by the Latvian Traders’ Association shows that online sales have increased by up to 100% in the last month. Aija Gulbe, Director of ECC Latvia, comments: “It must be admitted that with the increase in the number of online trade transactions, the number of complaints and requests for advice is also growing. […]

Stockmann will invest 2.5 million euros in the development of the food segment

“Along with investments in the development of the food segment, we purposefully continue to implement the department store’s growth plan, providing customers with a unique shopping experience and high-class service. It is planned to implement both ambitious changes in the visual image of Stockmann’s Delicatessen, combining Stockmann’s values ​​with modern Scandinavian and Latvian design, and […]

Under no circumstances may a swan be paid severance pay, according to JKP

The political force believes that the state should carefully consider the role of all parties involved in the digital television fraud scandal, where accusations have been made against the former chairman of the board of SIA “Tet” Gulbis and four other persons. “As Gulbis has been accused of fraud in connection with the introduction of […]

Cipule: We are currently in the fourth, in fact worst case scenario

She found that the number of outbreaks of Covid-19 in social care centers has increased, while several outbreaks have been detected in psychoneurological hospitals in recent days. Cipule emphasized that this would increase the workload of hospitals. “Unfortunately, there are also a number of outbreaks in psychoneurological hospitals in recent days, which may also increase […]

When announcing the budget, the President will also make a detailed comment

Previously, the President has indicated that he sees several shortcomings in the budget. Asked whether they had been amended in the adopted budget, the President replied that in part. Levits pointed out that he must sign the draft budget laws within three days, because the Saeima pushed the law on next year’s budget with granted […]