NYC food delivery men face dangers in pandemic

Two electric bicycles have been stolen from Sergio Solano in less than 6 months. This food delivery man claims that he has lost more than $ 3,000 and that, despite reporting the robberies to the Police, so far they have not been resolved. “What we are looking for is that they are not just in […]

Moderna to increase dose allocation for NYC

The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, praised the guidelines that Washington has taken regarding the supply of doses of vaccines against COVID. This in reference to the announcement that the federal government ordered 200 million doses of the vaccine, which looms a more robust vaccination plan. He also explained that, for next week, […]

NYC today receives a shipment of more than 100,000 vaccines

New York City continues to wait for more vaccines to protect the population from the coronavirus. Yesterday, the federal government announced that it will be increasing the distribution of more doses in the coming weeks. We have the report, live from the Flushing neighborhood, with more details. Visit the NY1 News page with our special […]

Mexicans in NYC react to AMLO’s covid contagion

Hours before announcing through his Twitter account that he had tested positive for coronavirus, the president of Mexico, AndrĂ©s Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), attended an official event. The news was received with concern in Corona, Queens, one of the neighborhoods with the most population of Mexican origin. “We need him to come out well, to […]

NYC will receive 107,825 doses of vaccines this week

The mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, explained that the Municipality is still waiting for a new plan by the federal government to continue with the vaccination campaign against COVID. He stressed that when the Johnson & Johnson company vaccine is approved, the chances of moving forward will increase significantly since it is a […]

Russian biathletes win gold in the relay in Antholz

Women Russian team won a gold medal in the relay at the 7th stage of the World Cup in Antholz, Italy. The team at the first stage ran Evgeniya Pavlova… She used 4 additional rounds and passed the baton Tatiana Akimova In second place. Akimova also finished her stage in second position, losing to a […]

Tropical Storm ‘Fay’ Arrives; strong rains

As expected, Tropical Storm Fay arrived in and around the city late Friday afternoon bringing heavy rain, winds of up to 60 miles per hour in certain areas and the possibility of flooding. Late on Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a warning of possible flooding in areas of the five boroughs of the […]

New York runs out of vaccines; they suspend previous appointments

Some 22,000 people who had an appointment to be vaccinated saw their long-awaited opportunity to protect themselves from covid had to be rescheduled in the face of the imminent vaccine shortage. Martha Mendoza, who got her vaccinated at this center in Queens, said that her husband’s appointment was changed for next Thursday. And this despite […]

They propose a vast remodeling of the bus station

New York City’s main bus station, mocked and criticized for years for leaking ceilings, dirty bathrooms and frequent delays, could receive a vast makeover. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey released a proposal to rebuild and expand the building in Manhattan. “This important step is a turning point in the transformation of […]

The Resident Evil Showcase, from the village to the surprise new works

Rumored There was plenty to eat at the feast. Capcom today (22nd), through its YouTube channel Showcase video was released. In this showcase, the latest series New gameplay video and content about the trial version’Girl’, as well as a surprise new work commemorating the 25th anniversary of the series Several elements that could attract the […]