Markus Riva presents the melancholic clip of his song “Supernova”

Originally, the song “If You’re Gonna Love Me” was created in Latvian under the title “If You Love Me” and included in the album “Lost in the City” released last December. This is the seventh album Riva has released during his career. The song has also inspired the creation of its English version, and it […]

First country in Europe: Compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 is approved in Austria

Since the proposal was announced in November in an effort to increase vaccination coverage, tens of thousands of people have been gathering at regular demonstrations over the weekends to protest against compulsory vaccination. With the exception of the far right, all other parties supported the proposal, which was adopted by 137 votes to 33. “It […]

Blinken: Nord Stream 2 is a lever against Russia

“It’s worth noting that gas is not yet flowing through Nord Stream 2, which means the pipeline is a lever for Germany, the United States and our allies, not Russia,” Blinken said. This is undoubtedly something that Moscow is considering as a next step, he added, “especially in light of the strong statements made by […]

New reasons are emerging for developing long series of Covid-19 tests in laboratories

Stella Lapiņa, Chairman of the Board of the Central Laboratory, admitted that the situation has escalated this week, as the demand for testing for Covid-19 using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method has increased significantly in almost a few days. For example, on January 4, the Central Laboratory tested 4,064 test samples per day, and […]

Gloomy facts about former Pope Benedict XVI when he was archbishop come to light

Pope Benedict, then known as Joseph Racinger, served as archbishop in Munich from 1977 to 1982. He denied all charges against the church staff at the time. A report by the German law firm on the abuse of German Catholic churches states that violence against four children continued during Racinger’s tenure and that the accused […]

French actor Gaspar Ulier died at the age of 37

Gaspar gained worldwide acclaim for his role as the new Hannibal Rector in Hannibal Rising in 2007, has played the role of fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent, and has been the face of Chanel’s commercials. In 2005, Ulrie won the prestigious Caesar Award in France as the most promising young actor, but 12 years later […]