Twitter plagiarizes one of the most famous aspects of TikTok | Lifestyle

Chirping is taking steps to create a “For You” tab-like experience similar to what it offers Tick ​​tock. The social media app, which has had a tumultuous year, to put it mildly, is tweaking its default user feeds with two new tabs. The big change that Twitter will add soon Until now, Twitter has allowed […]

A pact for a DB cabinet or more elections

The agony surrounding the formation of a regular government enters its final stage today, when Nikolay Denkov, appointed prime minister by “Keep the Change”, will return to the president an empty folder for the failed second term. The party of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev at least spared the effort to brazenly gather and present […]

The creators of Ulica draw their aces: new and old faces shuffle their cards!

A film and stage actress joins the veteran of the rookie series Jitka Schneiderová (49) as coach Julie Papežová, whose storyline collides with that of Kristýna Voláková played by Sára Korbelová. “Julie is a therapist who wants to help people and is convinced that she is doing good. I think her story will continue to […]

BMW unveils a car that can change its colors!

BMW has unveiled a prototype car that can change color and display digital features such as viewing driving data through the windshield from the inside. And the body of the new car can take on the colors of the rainbow in stripes or squares. So far, the i-Vision D is just an idea, but it […]

Google modifies the Chrome browser and reduces its energy consumption on computers

Google has announced a new update to its Chrome browser, which will provide users with faster Internet performance and reduce the browser’s power consumption on computers and mobile devices. Google has indicated that many Internet users sometimes suffer from slow browser performance, especially if they use or open more than one page and tab at […]

Schlotterbeck bids farewell in winter

He was once the best known and sometimes most successful player of the Schlotterbeck duo in the Bundesliga: Keven Schlotterbeck from SC Freiburg. While his brother Nico (Borussia Dortmund) is now known to a large audience and also plays for the national team, it has become quiet on Keven. He would like to change it, […]

“I have no hope of seeing a change in Argentina”

The soul of the place is a counter, one of those large wooden pieces of furniture that smell of old Argentine commercial activities, perhaps a neighborhood delicatessen or a city general store where food is presented and customers are served face to face. , with the warmth of old friends. A simple counter, yes, but […]

Tips for the complaining employee. These steps can change that

A person by nature tends to break the monotony, so he often aspires to change jobs, and he may feel grumpy because he has spent a lot of time in one job, but he may not be able to take the step of resignation, due to several reasons.. According to the site “Life Hacker”, some […]