Weather forecast: Day starts cloudy, later chance of clearings | NOW

Sunday starts with quite a lot of cloud, with some rain, especially in the south. In the north, the sun already shows itself in the course of the morning. Later in the day this succeeds in most places in the country, although the clouds in the south remain predominant. It will be 10 or 11 […]

Weather forecast: Occasional sun, but also a chance of thunderstorms | NOW

Thursday there is an occasional chance of sun, but thunderstorms can also pass over the country. Showers move across the country, with the occasional blow thunderstorm. The showers disappear in the evening, so that it can clear up considerably. During the day the mercury does not exceed 11 degrees Celsius, in the evening it can […]

A cold front is rushing to the Czechia, bringing with it frost and snow!

According to meteorologists, the cold front should strike on Friday. Therefore, do not forget to prepare in time and remove winter jackets and beanies from the closet. And gardeners also probably have the last few days to prepare for winter. Already on Friday morning, it will freeze in many places in the Czech Republic. Temperatures […]

Weather forecast: Partly cloudy with a chance of heavy showers | NOW

On Tuesday it will be partly cloudy. In the afternoon, the chance of heavy showers increases. The day starts out sunny and dry, but later the cloud cover increases and showers move from the southwest to the northeast across the country. It can also blow a lot at sea for some time and there is […]