TikTok invites 2 famous fortune-tellers, “Doctor Chang”, “Doctor Tok Tak”, organizes TikTok LIVE, the most popular show for the New Year 2021.

TikTok, the hottest short video platform of the era Reinforcing the constant heat flow Pamper Thai people, organize the most popular content of all time like “Content fortune telling“Doctor Chang” and “Doctor Tok Tak” will be presented in a new style and will win two famous fortune tellers, “Doctor Chang” and “Doctor Tok Tak”. Closely […]

Minors are now allowed less on TikTok | NOW

TikTok is introducing stricter rules for underage users. For example, the possibilities to respond to videos made by children between thirteen and fifteen years old are being limited, the music video app reports on Wednesday. website. This restriction is part of a larger package of measures for minors. TikTok will change the default privacy settings […]

Trump and the historic failure of Twitter and Facebook

BerlinIn connection with the blocking of Donald Trump’s Twitter account, there was talk of a historically unique process. But what is historical and what is unique here? The President of the United States of America was deprived of the opportunity to spread agitation and lies millions of times over: Does that show how the Internet […]

Jamie Nyland: TikTok star gives father a house, he has a surprise

London – These scenes are dear to the hearts of millions of TikTok users: The well-known British influencer Jamie Nyland (24) films himself delivering wonderful news to his father. But he has no idea that this one also has a touching surprise ready (watch the video above). Normally, Jamie Nyland from Gloucestershire, England is known […]

Trump wants to stop more Chinese apps

Donald Trump has issued a decree that business with Alipay, Wechat Pay and six other apps from China can no longer be done in America. Ultimately, it will be decided by President-elect Joe Biden. TDespite the failure of his attack on Tiktok, President Donald Trump has been targeting other apps from China in the past […]

These are the most viewed videos on TikTok

2020 has been the year where TikTok swept as the most important social media platform. The result has been largely due to the different challenges that the app has; even, celebrity personalities have dabbled in it. Thanks to its success, thousands of followers are part of the statistics, for this reason there is a top […]

TikTok: a 12-year-old girl sues the app for using her private data

A 12-year-old Londoner took legal action against TikTok, claiming the app violated data projection laws governing the European Union. A judge in that British city granted the girl anonymity so that her claim could be successful and with the aim of preventing her from being harassed online. In addition, it is indicated that not reserving […]