The Effectiveness of AI in Detecting Breast Cancer.

A team from Dexeus Mujer’s Gynecological Diagnostic Imaging Service (DGI) has identified in a study that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the diagnosis of breast cancer would allow a 30% reduction in biopsies in lesions located in the boundary between the cases considered … A team from Dexeus Mujer’s Gynecological Diagnostic Imaging Service […]

CES 2023: AMD announced the Ryzen 7045HX 55W TDP gaming notebook processor and simultaneously announced the Ryzen RX 7600M XT mobile GPU #RDNA 3 (187642)

AMD’s previous product project determined that mobile products will adopt a multi-generation architecture combination strategy. At CES 2023, AMD not only announced the Ryzen 7040 series APU for thin and high performance, using Zen 4, RDNA 3 and Ryzen AI, but also announced the APU for the gaming notebook Ryzen 7045HX APU also announced the […]

‘H9N2 avian flu vaccines are still not enough’ |

In practice, most vaccination programs against the H9N2 variant of avian influenza appear to be ineffective in poultry. This is the conclusion of doctoral student Xue Pan after the research with which he hopes to obtain his doctorate at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) next Wednesday. While other virus strains plague Dutch poultry farming, the […]

The dengue vaccine has been shown to be 79% effective.

A dengue vaccine developed in Brazil has shown an average efficacy of 79.6% in phase three clinical trials, official sources said amid an explosion of cases of the disease in the country. The results were obtained from the follow-up of 16,235 volunteers from all over Brazil over two years, reported the Butantan Institute in São […]

Regardless of the variant, vaccine efficacy remains high in children

The efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines in preventing death continues to be high in children and adolescents, regardless of the predominant circulating variant, as suggested by a large study conducted in Argentina and published in the scientific journal ‘The BMJ’. Although the effectiveness of the vaccine for the infection has decreased … The efficacy of COVID-19 […]

“Education” effectively assesses the importance of a child’s mental health

The Department of Student Services of the Ministry of Education held an event on the importance of children’s mental health, at the Al-Inmaa Complex, with the participation of many government and private agencies, where the need to provide a supportive environment for children, capable of honing their potential, it has been highlighted, to ensure they […]

“Waves and Sailing” lands in Dubai

Date 24/11/2022 19:29:37 (MENAFN– Al Bayan) Cinema Akil has revealed the launch of the Hong Kong Film Industry Surfing and Sailing Festival, to celebrate film productions from the region. The event will take place from December 9 to December 14. The festival, curated by the Hong Kong Creative office, has been a huge success since […]