Moon Bigger Than Earth Found Outside Solar System

Jakarta – Not only planets outside Solar system, astronomers are also hunting for the presence of Month. And recently, they reported that they might have discovered a moon that is larger than Earth. This moon orbits a planet that is thought to be similar to Jupiter. In a review in the journal Nature Astronomy, the […]

Results of 13.01: The threat of war and the Ukrainian satellite

OSCE Chairman-in-Office and Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau The OSCE Chairman warned of the threat of war in Europe; Sich-2-30 became the first Ukrainian satellite in the last 10 years. highlights the main events of yesterday. The EU has declared the threat of war In Europe at the moment the highest threat of war […]

Not Cans, Chinese Satellite Captures the City of San Francisco in 42 Seconds

loading… This satellite image was taken in just 42 seconds by a Chinese-made satellite. Photo/Yang Fang/Spacecraft Engineering Journal BEIJING – One satellite China capable of taking high-resolution images around the city of San Francisco, United States (USA), in just 42 seconds. The spacecraft is said to be able to remain extremely stable while rotating at […]

The ‘Palace of Heaven’ commotion, China condemns Elon Musk

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Elon Musk has come under fire from China. Web users in the Bamboo Curtain country booed the billionaire over reports of a nearly two-collision between the Space-X satellite and China’s Tiangong space station. quote AFP, Beijing released a report to the United Nations this December, that Tiangong was forced to take […]

Erdogan gifted the Mask with NFT. SpaceX rocket launched Turksat 5B satellite

On December 19, at 05:58 am Kiev time, the company’s Falcon 9 rocket was launched from the SLC-40 site at Cape Canaveral in the United States. SpaceX, which brought into the near-earth space telecommunications satellite Turksat 5B for the Turkish government. Read us in Telegram: proven facts, only important Turksat is the only satellite operator […]