Venus will guide you: Your horoscope for Thursday, March 30 |

The position of the stars will free you from inhibitions in communication. In a relationship today, you have no problem discussing unpleasant matters or finding a reasonable compromise. in him You will have to rotate a lot at work. Obligations will appear in front of you that cannot be put off any longer. It is […]

Vigner Puts Kolečka in a Bind, Ending Endless Struggle Confirmed |

Updated 21:22, 29/03/2023 29. 3. 2023, 19:24 The endless love triangle of director Petr Koleček, actress Denisa Nesvačilová and model Aneta Vignerová is over. Kolečko finally made up his mind and married his chosen one. His secret wedding with Vigner took place in mid-March. On March 14, Aneta Vignerová became the imaginary winner in the […]