The expert will answer why Bohemia Energy ends and who is next

Why is Bohemia Energy ending? Who’s next and when? How much more expensive will gas and electricity make people more expensive? When will the energy crisis end? Pavel Tykač, the majority owner of Sev.en Energy and the eighth richest Czech according to Forbes, will answer TN LIVE on Thursday in the program Our Czech Republic. […]

People pay even more. Energy suppliers have announced a dramatic rise in prices

Czechs’ wallets will experience another increase in price. Energy prices are climbing to dizzying heights, suppliers are unable to keep them at current prices. In most cases, they only guarantee them to customers who have a contract with fixation. New customers will no longer receive advantageous prices. At the same time, the transition to a […]

Tom Cruise shocked the fans with his appearance. Experts said what happened to him

Tom Cruise (59) surprised fans with his appearance. The famous actor went to a baseball game in San Francisco on Saturday and his photos immediately flew around the world. Many debated whether Cruise was really hiding beneath their puffy faces, while others speculated that the actor would not have fillings in his face. The famous […]

Wedding right in MasterChef! He married a favorite contestant

Wedding in MasterChef! Former contestant Pavel Berky and his fiancé Matěj Pardus made their wedding vows in front of the cameras. They tried the wedding ceremony cleanly and the contestants of the show were able to cook for former participants at the wedding reception. On Tuesday, a festive atmosphere prevailed in the MasterChef Česko kitchen. […]

Jiří Suchý explained his health problems. He sent a message to the fans

Actor Jiří Suchý had to be taken to hospital on Sunday. Fortunately, his condition was not serious, and the doctors released him that day. Now he has sent a reassuring message to the fans. On Sunday, actors Jiří Suchý had to be hospitalized at the Central Military Hospital in Střešovice, Prague. Rescuers took him straight […]

Another blow to the British queen. Harry and Meghan break a long tradition

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will not baptize their daughter Lilibet in the UK and are likely to opt for a ceremony in California, according to royal family sources. This decision raises questions about when the queen will meet a great-granddaughter, whom she has still not been able to see since her birth. The […]

Police have terminated Prince Andrew’s investigation into the sexual assault

British police have closed an investigation into a suspicion of sexual harassment by Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II. There is no reason to continue the process. The 39-year-old American claims that she was forced to have sexual intercourse with the prince in 2001, and he denies the accusations. The case for the British […]