Jiří Suchý explained his health problems. He sent a message to the fans

Actor Jiří Suchý had to be taken to hospital on Sunday. Fortunately, his condition was not serious, and the doctors released him that day. Now he has sent a reassuring message to the fans. On Sunday, actors Jiří Suchý had to be hospitalized at the Central Military Hospital in Střešovice, Prague. Rescuers took him straight […]

Felix Slováček is leaving the hospital. He told Dade not to visit

Saxophonist Felix Slováček is heading home from the hospital on Monday. He told the editors of TN.cz that he felt much better. This was also confirmed by his wife Dáda Patrasová, who revealed that Felix had given her and her daughter Anička a weekend visit. He said he needed peace and was soon expecting discharge […]

Instagram has announced a big change. Cancels one of the functions

Instagram put an end to IGTV, a service that was supposed to compete with YouTube. However, various novelties and improvements await users. After three years, the IGTV application, which Instagram planned as a competition for YouTube on mobile phones, is coming to an end. Since Tuesday, IGTV and the videos in the feed have merged […]