experts and authorities talk about learning and challenges

A total of 1,095 days have elapsed since the detection of the first case of covid-19 in Colombia. It was on March 6, 2020 when confirmation of the arrival of this disease to the countrywhich began a chapter riddled with vicissitudes and challenges that, in the end, have begun to fall by the wayside.

Russian war of aggression: China announces peace initiative for Ukraine

Abroad Russian war of aggression China announces peace initiative for Ukraine Stand: 18.02.2023 | Reading time: 3 minutes China announces peace initiative for Ukraine – These are the reactions At the Munich Security Conference, China announces a peace initiative for Ukraine. Foreign Minister Baerbock welcomes this plan, but also sets conditions. WELT reporter Marco Reinke […]

“Star Wars”: The era of modern science fiction began with a bang

Mthe man has no question about it. The person he is talking to, whom he is holding by the throat, has just informed him that his spaceship is on a diplomatic mission when the guy in black with the imposing helmet asks him a factually justified question: “If this is a consular ship, then where […]

Blood donation in the Parque Atlántico neighborhood

The Cádiz Tissue and Cell Transfusion Center, as part of its ‘Donate blood and save lives’ campaign, has programmed two blood drives in Jerez de la Frontera for this week, in which we say goodbye to the month of January and welcome February. As explained by the CTTC in a statement, “after the Christmas period […]

The Form of the ‘Lost City’ in the Atlantic Inner Ocean

Jakarta – Near the seamounts of the Atlantic Ocean, scientists discovered aThe Lost City‘, in 2000 to be precise. While exploring the ocean in a remotely operated vehicle, scientists noticed a ‘blue glow’ and discovered the region. This area is known as a hydrothermal field. You can see a building formed from a pile of […]

Recycling through music, an initiative in favor of the environment

Another case of transformation occurs from Barranquilla with an independent initiative that seeks, through music, to promote cultural appropriation, as well as to generate environmental awareness through recycling. The project, led by the musician William Martínezallows children, young people and adults to delve into the musical roots of the Colombian Caribbean using materials that have […]

Eastman partnership supports reforestation in Brazil

12/15/2022, 5448 characters SÃO PAULO, April 17 /PRNewswire/ — Partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica and Bracell will support the Future Forests program. Eastman has signed a partnership agreement with non-profit environmental organization SOS Mata Atlântica and Bracell, a soluble cellulose producer, to donate 15,000 seedlings to a program to regenerate the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. […]

Probable tropical cyclone 4 vanishes in northern Mexico and Texas

Start Aries Potential tropical cyclone 4 vanishes in northern Mexico and Texas The tropical method, which the NHC termed probable tropical cyclone 4 (PTC 4), could not organize alone far better as it moved by means of the heat waters of the Gulf of Mexico and grew to become a tropical storm. Now an jap […]

Could Earth’s Magnetic Poles Be Inverted Again?

Scientists study the South Atlantic Anomaly to predict Earth’s magnetic field. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Throughout the history of planet Earth, the Earth’s magnetic field has been reversed. According to some estimates, the average duration of the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field is 200,000 to 300,000 years. However, the most recent magnetic reversal occurred 780,000 […]