Amazon employees to demonstrate worldwide at Black Fri…

©  REUTERS Employees of the American online store Amazon will demonstrate on Black Friday in several countries on Friday. This is reported by a partnership of trade unions worldwide. According to the Dutch trade union FNV, wages, working hours and other working conditions are lousy at Amazon. In addition, the workload is “gigantic”. Source: BELGIAN […]

New versions of Amazon Linux will be released every two years

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has only released two versions of its Linux-based operating system since 2010, but now the cloud giant is really picking up the pace. Soon it’s time for Amazon Linux 2022 and the idea is that in the future we will see new versions every two years with updates every quarter. The […]

Indonesian Stall Targeted by Jeff Bezos Predicted to Grow Rapidly in 2023

Unicorn to venture capital companies owned Jeff Bezos penetrate the segment shop, either through investment or special services. This sector is forecasted to grow rapidly in the next two to three years. Co-Founder and CEO of Warung Pintar Group, Harya Putra, said that the number of conglomerates and banks targeting warungs shows the potential of […]

Billion fine to Amazon and Apple in Italy

This amounts to approximately NOK 2 billion. The fines have been imposed due to what the Norwegian Competition Authority believes is an attempt to prevent the resale of Apple products. Apple is fined 134.5 million euros, while Amazon’s fine is 68.7 million. According to the Norwegian Competition Authority, the companies have refused to sell Apple […]

Prime Video teaches a hyena to laugh

Hattie, the hyena, is rejected by her conspecifics due to her otherness and finds a new companion in zoo keeper Carl. They share their passion for comedies and soon Hattie moves in with Carl, who finally no longer has to watch TV alone. “In our first Christmas commercial for Prime Video here in Europe, we […]

Amazon: strike of contracted couriers on Black Friday – Economy

Black Friday, the most anticipated day of the year for shopaholics, is approaching. Friday 26 November will be the day of pre-Christmas maxi-discounts all over the world, but in Italy deliveries will be at risk, at least for those who buy on the Amazon platform. Drivers and employees of the companies associated with Assoespressi that […]

A Peek At Jeff Bezos’ IDR 1 Trillion House

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Founder’s House Amazon Jeff Bezos is now in the spotlight after it was estimated to be worth US$78 million or equivalent to Rp1.1 trillion (exchange rate of Rp.14,252 per dollar). Now the house is on the list property at an exorbitant price parallel to that of a number of celebrities such […]

Jeff Bezos Buys Rp. 1 Trillion House, The Location Is Creepy

Hawaii – The second richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, recently spent a fortune on a luxury property near the beach in Hawaii. However, it turned out that the house was quite scary because it was prone to flooding, it could even sink in the future. In addition, it is also close to the […]