Amazon Announces Release of Fire Max 11 Tablet and Content Coupon Present Campaign will release the first 11-inch model “Fire Max 11” as the company’s Fire tablet on June 14th.Along with that, you will receive a content coupon worth 4000 yen that can be used for the company’s e-books and videos.Reservation campaignis being implemented. Equipped with an 11-inch 2.4-megapixel (2000 x 1200 dots) liquid crystal display. With […]

“Amazon One Now Allows Alcohol Purchases with Age Verification Feature”

Amazon added an age verification feature to its palm-scanning payment system that allows users to purchase alcohol with a swipe. The company introduced the system, called Amazon One, in 2020. Amazon One is now being used in some restaurants and stadiums, as well as several Amazon supermarket chains. Amazon added a feature to its palm-scanning […]

“Why Microsoft’s Proprietary Enterprise Software Products Are Driving Us Towards a Boring Metaverse”

In the world of digital technology, we often hear about the exciting possibilities of the metaverse, driverless cars, and artificial intelligence. However, we sometimes overlook the mundane reality that drives us towards this future. Corporations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are essentially advertising and mail-order companies. Meanwhile, companies like Microsoft, which is at its core […]

“Beware of Scams: Police Warn Anyone Revealing Codes Will Lose Their Money”

Police warn of scamsAnyone who reveals the code loses his money Grandchild trick, shock calls, fake police officers – the list of scams is long. But crooks also rob seniors of their money by false promises of competitions. Credit cards often play a role in this. By Walter Mogk 17.05.2023, 06:00 2023-05-17 04:05:30 #reveals #code […]

“How Jeff Bezos Transformed His Body: From Nerd to Sporty Businessman”

The Miami Grand Prix is ​​back, but it wasn’t the cars that stood out last weekend. Well, the 59-year-old Jeff Bezos who looks fitter than ever with his muscular body. In just a few years, he managed to transform himself from a nerd who lived among the books to a sporty businessman who is more […]