Tasks: TSMC is commissioned to manufacture Apple’s 5g modem

The latest models of Iphone use 5g modems from Qualcomm, but already in two years it may be relevant for Apple to choose a self-developed alternative. According to a new report from Nikkei Asia TSMC will be commissioned to manufacture the new 5g modem. Given that the Taiwanese company already manufactures processors for Apple, the […]

Motorola Releases 5 New G Series Phones, Check Full Specifications and Prices

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Motorola officially launched five new smartphones, namely Moto G200, Moto G71, Moto G51, Moto G41, and Moto G31. The smartphones have different specifications, with the Moto G200 being the most premium model, and the Moto G31 being the most affordable model. In terms of engines, fifth cell phone The smart phone also […]

TEST: Realme GT Neo 2 – affordable style mobile with sharp screen

This autumn’s new mobiles from Realme started with performance peaks Realme GT, and continued with simpler intermediate mobile Realme GT Master, which despite its name is a slimmed-down GT. Now the trio ends with the Realme GT Neo 2, which in terms of price and performance is in the middle between the two. We have […]

Overcome Burnout with Mobile Help

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Mental fatigue or burnout This can happen because it is difficult to separate work and personal life while working from home. Working from home requires you to be constantly connected to the internet and your smartphone. Even so, gawai can be used to reduce mental fatigue, as quoted from the following Samsung […]

With her mobile slaughterhouse, Émilie Jeannin pleads for ethical beef

Birth and death at closed. Until the end, this Charolais heifer will have seen the light of day. No unnecessary stress, long truck rides, or trampling at the slaughterhouse door. A little knock on the hindquarters and she followed a few seconds a course between barriers along the straw bales before going through the door […]

Your iPhone 13 is half iPad

The most recent was revealed by the Nikkei portal, which tells us the latest changes in the American company. Specifically, a drastic change affecting the components that were planned to be used in the iPad to be used for the iPhone 13. Given the serious difficulties the company is already facing in developing its flagship […]

PUBG Game: New State Released Today, Check Compatible Phone Terms

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Latest games PUBG: New State will debut today, Thursday, November 11, 2021. To prepare to download the game when it is officially released, users need to make sure in advance that the device used is capable of running and playing it. Developer PUBG New State, Krafton, previously released the core system requirements […]

Tips for Using WhatsApp Web without a Mobile Internet Connection

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – WhatsApp recently launched a multi-device feature that allows users to use the app without connecting to a mobile phone. Basically, this feature allows you to use WhatsApp on your computer, laptop, tablet, or other device without having an active internet connection on your smartphone. The feature is said to be still in […]