Claudia Rosiny’s Film About Dancing

Description Stage performance, dance film, YouTube clip and Co. – this volume is dedicated to the various intermedial relationships that dance and media have entered into and offers an innovative and vivid approach that transcends the boundaries of science. The first comprehensive investigation into the intermediality of dance opens up a new perspective on the […]

The Peril of “0 Calories” Label on Soda Bottles

The ubiquitous “0 calories” label on soda bottles and cans is not to be trusted, scientists say. Although it may not contain carbohydrates, the drink can easily have an impact on health. And sometimes not too positive. Sweeteners can be dangerous for the functioning of the intestines, blood vessels and heart. They can also affect […]

“Examining KONG – Traders Of Truth: A Comprehensive Review”

19.03.2023 | 10:05 Instrumental, modern, progressive and experimental. Admittedly, these attributes apply to all albums by the quadraphonic Dutchmen, who particularly impressed me with their live performances in the 90s. The musicians play from the four corners of a room, all around the audience, which is a completely new experience and makes the listener focus […]

Watch the date of the food voucher, the store can o…

One year after the value of food vouchers was increased to BGN 200 (this happened on 4.03.2022 with the publication by the Ministry of Finance of an Order to determine the size of the individual quota and the total number of individual quotas for 2022), there have been no changes. despite good intentions. The maximum […]

It turns out that this is the culprit of many empty office buildings until they are sold

Jakarta – Currently, there is a phenomenon of many shop houses (shops) to buildings empty office even sold. This is presumably because the supply of office buildings exceeds the level of occupancy. Responding to this, Observer and Property Expert Steve Sudijanto stated that the trigger for this phenomenon was the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, he explained […]

New Ferrino Blizzard 2: great lightness and performance

Introducing the Blizzard 2 store where extreme lightness meets maximum performance. A tent for the most demanding campers in extreme high mountain environments. A tall expedition tent that protects in the most extreme conditions and weighs less than two kilos: this is the goal that the engineers and designers of Ferrino, Leading brand in the […]

An art shop in Vigo receives threats to sue for the paintings in the window

“Arte y Cerámica”, with 15 years of activity in Vigo, is one of the main shops among painters and artists of Galicia and northern Portugal. Located in Uruguay street number 10, corner with República Argentina, in its more than 500 square meters and two floors it has all kinds of paintings, ceramic supplies and accessories […]

A shop in Plovdiv caught fire, one person was injured

An alcohol and cigarette shop caught fire in Plovdiv. The incident occurred minutes after 5 p.m. on the first day of 2023, firefighters from the city below the hills announced. The building on “Lyuben Karavelov” street was engulfed in flames within seconds. After calling 112, the fire brigade and an ambulance arrived at the scene. […]