Four schools will be built in Mangistau with money confiscated from corrupt officials

Photo from archive The document published on the website of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan states that four schools will be built in Mangistau at the expense of corrupt officials. – a school in the 18th microdistrict for 1200 places (initial cost according to design and estimate documentation – 3,849,763 […]

“KIA defeats LG and earns their 4th consecutive win”

Provided by OSEN | 2023.04.29 22:00 [OSEN=잠실, 한용섭 기자] KIA defeated LG and ran 4 consecutive wins, hitting a 50% win rate. Moved from 7th to 5th. KIA won 6-3 in the match against LG held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 29th. KIA starter Anderson threw 112 pitches in 6 innings, giving up […]

“Sports Journalists Clash on Al-Nasr Club Performance”

The Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Muhammad Al-Bakiri responded to a tweet written by his colleague, critic Muhammad Al-Dawish, regarding Al-Nasr Club. Al-Dawish wrote through his official account on Twitter: “The owner of the decision to contract in Al-Nasr bears the shortage of foreigners (numerical and qualitative) as well as the unsuccessful local contracts, but Garcia […]

This Is What Happens If All Humans on Earth Jump, Will there be an Earthquake?

Jakarta – Humans on Earth have reached 8 billion souls as of November 2022. If all humans on Earth jump at the same time, is it possible for an earthquake to occur? Large-scale earthquakes are said to be capable of changing the Earth’s rotation. In 2011, the massive earthquake that hit Japan slightly accelerated Earth’s […]

Saudi Arabian ‘Razan Al-Ajmi’ Shares His Experience Learning To Freestyle Skydive… And The Reason To Get Into This Field • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Saudi Arabian “Razan Al-Ajmi” revealed the beginning of learning freestyle skydiving, to become the first Saudi woman to obtain a free skydiving license and holds the certificate of first trainer among men and women for the sport, which qualified her to recently relocate to work in the Boulevard World “Super Fly” event within […]

CEs 2023: AMD unveiled XDNA design

The company is also attacking the machine learning market with new accelerators, and Magic Leap 2 is also being served. At CES, in addition to processors, system chips and graphics controllers, AMD also paid attention to more professional needs, and within this, machine learning came to the fore. The company mainly highlighted the XDNA architecture, […]