Is there a 4-day working week ahead of us? Surprising test effects

It turns out that many employees’ dreams of a long weekend each week have a chance to become reality in the future. Companies are looking for new ways to combat burnout, and the pandemic for many market giants was a good time to think about how to reorganize work. One of the most common ideas […]

With medical equipment they strengthen the public hospital network of the Atlantic

More than 211 medical teams in six hospitals in the Atlantic and its capital Barranquilla, will be delivered this Thursday by the Atlantic sectional Red Cross, with the aim of cooperating and supporting the strengthening of the capacities of the hospital network in the country and continuing to face the pandemic caused by covid-19. In […]

Cuban-Venezuelan actress Gladys Cáceres, the “Lady of the theater”, dies

The Cuban-Venezuelan actress of radio, film, television and theater Gladys Cáceres, who received the nickname of the “Lady of the theater”, He died this Sunday in Miami (USA) at the age of 97, according to family sources, who did not detail the cause of his death. “Today a light from the theater, television, radio and […]

China rocket: New York in danger of crashing, Berlin not

economy Long march Feared crash of the China rocket – New York endangered, Berlin not Stand: 6:03 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes The core module of the Chinese space station “Tianhe”, in German “Heavenly Harmony” Quelle: dpa/Guo Wenbin The 22-tonne section of the rocket that the Chinese sent into space could fall to earth […]

New York has more mountains for skiing than any other US state

Die Region New York State FROMApple-picking and in general, when they feel like nature, the residents of the Big Apple are drawn to New York. The northeastern US state is pretty much the opposite of the city of New York it shares its name with – sprawling, hilly, and more politically conservative than you’d think. […]

“Fortunately, football has a memory”: Cristiano Ronaldo defends himself

The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, just four days after the elimination of his team Juventus, at the hands of Porto, in the round of 16 of the Champions League, which has also brought him harsh criticism, has ended his silence and pointed out that “true champions never break” and that “Fortunately, football has a memory.” “More […]

New York’s Barclays Center is pushing to legalize sports betting

L the company that operates the stadium Barclays Center, Brooklyn Events Center, began lobbying for sports betting approval in New York City and state last year. According to NetsDaily, the Nets and the stadium have long been interested in legalizing sports betting. Proof of this is that han registrado las marcas Brooklyn Gaming y Bet […]

Staten Island: Lots of beach and greenery – that’s New York too

“After the one-story brick desert on the north coast of the island, at the Silbersee Park there are still trees, landscape, carefully trained to form a trellis and wind protection. Gentle road humps, tolerant of the vibrations of the land. Country houses from yesteryear, loyally reinforced with pillar porches, Greek made of wood … Casing […]

How to follow Bordeaux – Reims? – Girondins

23/12 – 07:00 | 2 hours ago Bordeaux welcomes Reims tonight at Matmut Atlantique at 7 p.m. for the 17th day of Ligue 1. Following after this advertisement The match is televised live on Téléfoot Stadium 1. You can also follow the match with the live commentary on WebGirondins from 6:45 pm. We also give […]