Reasons for Banks Not Passing Loans, Despite Good Track Record

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Director of PT Pefindo Credit Bureau Yohanes Abhimanyu reveals several reasons bank did not pass the application credit or customer loans even though the customer’s track record is fairly good. First, the nominal loan application requires collateral, but the bank sees that the value of the collateral required is too […]

«My players have credit» – El Día

Precisely in that preparation, the Bilbao native also intoned the mea culpa. «I think we did not start well, and although we had a good reaction, we did not finish it, and when we moved the bank we couldn’t keep the level. As far as the game plan is concerned, we were not with the […]

Novák: the gyed can be gross 280 thousand, the gyed net 180 thousand

94 percent of those who completed the national consultation agree with raising the amount of the minimum wage, so the government supports a minimum wage of HUF 200,000 in Hungary next year, Katalin Novák said, according to MTI. If this is realized, the maximum amount of the gyed will reach HUF 280 thousand gross, in […]

Dozens of Fintechs Return Permits to OJK, One of the Reasons for Small Capital

A total of 42 providers of financing financial technology (fintech lending) returns the registration certificate to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) since the beginning of the year. There are at least four reasons. Based on OJK data, there are 149 fintech lending registered as of January 10. The number is only 107 as of the […]

Take out a loan and invest in p2p

Taking out a loan to invest in the stock market with borrowed money can certainly drive up your returns. This is exactly what companies do in everyday business life when they finance their projects with loans. Swiss credit: Test & Experience (06/21) | The same is true for the majority of German “home builders”. But […]

One kredit for all | Kreditone

Private Investors – Personal Loan, Quick Loan, Online Loan, Real Estate Loan, Mortgage Loan, Personal Loan Search, Family Loan, Quick Loan, Savings Bank Loan, Instant Loan. (Monday – Saturday) – Welcome. Loan calculator – calculate loan for real estate Apply online. Commitment Invest online credit. immediately. Payout within 24 hours. Increase anytime. For future credit […]