We agree with the credit to the state if it is used for works: deputies

Parral, Chih.- Local deputies representing the XII district said they were in favor of the opinion of the credit application by the State Government that seeks resources for 260 work projects, the legislator Lorenzo Arturo Parga Amado expressed that his fraction would agree as long as it is respected that the resource is used on […]

National Bank of Thailand to dismantle the softloon-Post Today financial news-stocks

National Bank has auspicious time to dismantle the soft lone Date 29 December 2020 time 06:51 The Bank of Thailand adjusts soft lone eligibility criteria to increase SMEs opportunities to access loans Mr. Chaturong Chantharang, Assistant Governor Financial Institutions Supervision 1 Bank of Thailand (BOT) revealed that With the situation of the spread of Coronavirus […]

BBVA Mexico. Financial system faces risks due to covid-19

Although el financial system has shown strength in the face of the adverse shocks generated by the covid-19 pandemic and has maintained high levels of capital and liquidity, there is still uncertainty about the magnitude of the effects that it may have on the credit card of the most vulnerable sectors, and with this, the […]

It’s about personal credit information security!The two departments say so_ 东方 Fortune Network

Original title: It’s about personal credit information security!The two departments say so How to strengthen the individualCreditInformation protection?Credit informationmarketWhat are the considerations for cultivation and management? Regarding the credit investigation issues of social concern, the relevant departments responded one by one in the State Council policy briefing on the 25th.   Central Bank: Putting information security […]

‘Money on the wheel’ filed with Fire to sell 1.04 billion shares of IPO

24 December 2020 281 “Money on wheels” prepared to enter the stock market Filing IPO sales up to 1.04 billion shares, revealing Krungsri ready to reduce shareholding Bank of Ayudhya informed that Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited (NTL), a joint venture of the bank and Siam Asia Credit Access Pte Ltd (SACA), holding 50% […]

Law that recognizes the discount for retirees as a credit

Catherine Perea • 23 Dec 2020 – 04:32 PM The Panamanian president, Laurentino Cortizo sanctioned the Law 192 of December 23, 2020, which modifies Law 6 of 1987 on benefits for retirees, pensioners and the elderly. The new law establishes that discounts and concessions for retirees will be 100% deductible as a tax credit for […]

€ 18,000 for € 3,600 loan: Remaining claim waived – Lower Austria

Michaela K. paid € 12,000 for a € 3,600 loan, but € 5,500 was still open. Now the remaining claim is off the table thanks to a lawyer. Great news for Michaela K., who was born in Lower Austria, shortly before Christmas: She no longer has to pay the remaining 5,500 euros. A good 20 […]