7 Species That Rely on Earth’s Magnetic Field for Navigation

7 Animals That Use Earth’s Magnet. PHOTOS/AFP JAKARTA – Animals that use the Earth’s magnetism for navigation there are at least 7 species of animals that exist on this earth. i Not only humans use the earth’s magnet in our daily lives, for navigation or directions, but animals also use the earth’s magnet for navigation. […]

Hydra Can Live ‘Immortal’ Even If Its Head Is Beheaded, This Is Its Secret

Jakarta – The phrase that all living things must die seems to have no effect on this marine animal. Yes, he is hydrawhich is said to be an animal that can live forever. Hydra are a group of small, soft-bodied invertebrates that slightly resemble jellyfish. Amazingly, Hydra has the potential to live forever. Quoted via […]

Scientists Find the First Insect to Have Ears Like a Mammal

Jakarta – Never heard a sound insects which is quite noisy at night? it could be that it is the work of an insect called katydid. But can cicadas hear themselves? how is the condition of the ear? Launching Science News, researchers in China recently reported to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences […]