The American dream beaten in Guatemala… Thousands of immigrants back to Honduras

Thousands of Central American immigrants who were trapped by Guatemalan soldiers and police on their way to the United States eventually returned to their home countries. According to the AFP news agency on the 19th, Guatemalan authorities said 3,500 of Central American immigrants to the United States who entered their country had been sent back […]

Covid: Antibodies Developing Flames May Help

Scientists continue to search for effective treatments to fight the pandemic Covid-19. Apparently one of the solutions would come from a being little imagined by the scientific community. In the case of studies on the SARS-CoV-2 A species little known on a popular scale is gaining prominence as an experimental animal. It’s about the llama […]

Caravan of 4,500 migrants marching to the United States – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 16 – At least 4,500 migrants who left Honduras for the United States managed to cross the Guatemala border. The border agents did not resist, given the presence of numerous families with children. This was reported by a Guatemalan police officer in the border town of El Florido. Mexican authorities said […]

From books to cinema: The adaptations you will see in 2021

Despite the financial risk, many filmmakers are encouraged to transfer the literary stories that have been “Best seller“to the cinema. Some turn out to be a cultural phenomenon and others a failure. These are some productions inspired by books that you will see in 2021: “Cruella” “Cruella”. (Foto: Walt Disney Pictures) This will be the […]

“La llorona” receives nomination by Houston film critic

The Guatemalan film “The weeping woman“was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the annual awards of the Houston Film Critics Society, in Texas, United States. The list of nominations in 17 categories was announced on Monday, January 11, and the winners will be announced on January 18. Tape Jayro Bustamante competes with: “Another Round” […]

From presidential bodyguard in Guatemala to actor in Hollywood

The young Guatemalan actor, Benjamín Levy Aguilar, has won the hearts of fans for his role as “Jesús Aguilar” in the series Filthy Rich, where he plays a mixed martial arts fighter, single father, with a noble heart and a personality protective. “I never thought about this possibility, that they were going to pay me […]

2020 the year we all live in danger

Last year, how would I say “Your gracious majesty“Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, was a”Annus Horribilis’; we never want to go back to. In this horrible 2020 we have all had to learn to live differently than we were used to. The past year has been described by some as “the worst year of […]