Natural remedies for colds and flu Arad

Wednesday, February 01, 2023, 11:15 a.m 35 readings Viruses are responsible for triggering colds and flus and are often difficult to combat. Plenty of rest, fluids and natural remedies can help relieve symptoms. Colds and flu are common illnesses that can cause many unpleasant symptoms, such as: – blocked sinuses;– neck pain;– cough;– headaches;– body […]

Unnatural scene.. A lion eating grass in an animal barn in Khartoum!

A strange and unfamiliar video of a lion eating grass spread inside an animal barn in Khartoum. The strange clip, which was met with great astonishment, showed a crouching lion behind the walls of an animal barn, and it began to chew the grass. The Sudan Wildlife Park confirmed that the scene appears strange and […]

How do we get rid of toxins from the body naturally?

Unfortunately, the term detox has become synonymous with a crash diet, or so-called detox diet, after binging on food or alcohol during the holidays or weekends. A detox regime in the new year can do more harm than good. There are harsh diets that rely on vegetable and fruit juices to get rid of toxins. […]

Natacha López: “Running pregnant is something natural, it suits me”

He let it run for 742 consecutive days with his inseparable David; she became pregnant with her first child, Andrew up to week 30 and from the second, Zlatan, up to 39 years. Natacha López didn’t stop running when her life shook her in 2015 with a heavy blow: breast cancer against which she fought […]

Treat serious illnesses. Study Reveals New Benefits of Natural Honey • Al Marsad Journal

Al-Marsad newspaper: Researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada, have discovered new benefits of bee honey in the treatment of many diseases. The study found that honey improves cardiovascular health and also helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. As scientists have found, honey reduces fasting blood sugar, harmful cholesterol and triglycerides that cause the […]

In the video.. “Does the insurance” cover damage from floods and natural disasters?.. A “specialist” answers

Al-Marsad newspaper: The insurance and risk consultant, Suleiman bin Mayouf, said that flood and natural disaster insurance coverage for vehicles is mandatory in the “comprehensive insurance only” documents. Bin Mayouf added, during his speech to the “Awares Tadawul” program, that comprehensive insurance includes natural disasters, such as torrents and hail, and are covered by the […]

Prices are back to normal and there is no fear or anxiety • Al Marsad newspaper

Newspaper Al-Marsad: The writer of economics, Dr. Nasser Al-Qarawi, has reassured citizens about the economic crises that the main countries of the economy are going through, stressing that there is no fear or concern about these effects on the economy of the Kingdom. Al-Qarawi stressed, during a telephone interview, to the “An-Nahar” program of the […]

“Every power strives to become a superpower” – Image of the Day – Kommersant

Anatoly Adamishin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, former First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Photo: Dmitry Dukhanin, Kommersant – The laws of human existence do not allow it. The fight for who will be first, second and so on will continue. Historical experience shows that there was no such world order when […]