Anti-inflammatory diet for healthy intestines and colon

12 anti-inflammatory foods to lose weight and have a healthy gut Nutrition is one of the key factors in regards to bowel health, and an anti-inflammatory diet protects against the risk of developing colorectal cancer, which in our country has a rather high incidence. What are the foods to bring to the table and which […]

Peugeot 508 SW hybrid: elegant and now also plug-in hybrid – Tests and News

They will certainly not make the market numbers of suvs and crossovers, but who said that station wagons have gone out of fashion? All nostalgics will have at least one life memory linked to a family car, but woe to define it as a vintage and outdated bodywork, On balance, even this year the numbers […]

Diet with good carbohydrates: which ones to choose to lose weight and stay fit

The 7 foods with carbohydrates that make you lose weight Carbohydrates yes or carbohydrates no? Opinion is divided when it comes to this topic: there are those who believe that they should be banned because they are responsible for health problems such as diabetes and obesity, and those who instead support their important role for […]

Pine nuts: reduce cholesterol and fill up on omega-6

The seven foods richest in omega 6 They are one of the traditional ingredients of the famous – and very good – pesto alla genovese, but i Pine nuts have many other uses in the kitchen. And they should never be missing in our diet, because they possess interesting beneficial properties: let’s find out how […]

The vegan diet. Bring health to the table

It is increasingly in increase the number of people who have chosen a vegetarian diet, especially in its 100% vegetable (vegan) variant, as a lifestyle. There vegan diet it is based exclusively on foods of plant origin, which must be consumed in a varied way and better if in shape whole wheat or semi-wholemeal: cereals, […]

Nutrition and hair health: what to eat and what to avoid

Who wouldn’t want to have hair that is healthy, soft and silky to the touch? Like every single part of our body, even the scalp it needs the right attention to be fit. I factors that in the long run can put a strain on the hydrolipidic film of the hair can be different. These […]

What is the Bar Method to tone and firm the body

Born in the United States but now widespread throughout the world, the Bar Method it is a very profitable workout for those who want to tone their body by training all muscle groups. It is a workout completo, very useful for getting back in shape and maintaining your ideal weight. It is no coincidence that […]

Diet, the best of the week from 5 to 11 October

A Proper nutrition it is important for the well-being of our body: bringing healthy foods to the table, making sure to vary in order to take on all the fundamental nutrients, helps us not only lose weight, but also to stay healthy. With this in mind, the diet of the month of October provides an […]

Diet to protect the heart: reduce cholesterol and lose weight

Cholesterol and high blood pressure: 3 foods that keep them at bay Adopt a varied and balanced diet, combining it with regular exercise, is the first fundamental step to stay healthy and prevent many diseases, including heart disease. In particular, there are several foods that protect the heart by affecting key factors such as blood […]

The October diet. Increase your immune defenses and lose weight in the right places

Never before has the importance of immunitary defense: the health emergency of 2020 has in fact also turned the spotlight on the role of nutrition in the fight against viruses and bacteria. A struggle this year felt more than ever. “But a healthy and varied diet, rich in substances antioxidants also effective in the prevention […]