Russia: Putin annoyed with reporters, ‘beautiful but does not listen’ – Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of sexist attitudes against the CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble. Putin called her “beautiful” and “pretty” and immediately pointed out that she did not understand what he was saying. The subject of the dispute was gas prices and the interview took place during the Russian energy week. “She is […]

UI Professor: Parents who refuse vaccines mean they don’t love their children – In line with the government’s efforts to continue to bring vaccine supplies to Indonesia, the vaccine brands in Indonesia are also increasingly diverse. However, the government still asks the public not to be picky about brands and to hasten vaccinations to avoid the spread of Covid-19 which is getting faster and more dangerous. […]

Lukashenko said when he recognizes Crimea as Russian

Photo: Lukashenko called the condition for the recognition of Crimea as Russian “When the last oligarch of Russia recognizes Crimea and starts supplying products there, things will not rust with me,” Lukashenko said. Alexander Lukashenko, during his speech on Monday, August 9, said that he was ready to recognize Crimea as Russian after “when […]

US sends Moderna vaccine to Ukraine – Reuters

Фото: Getty Images COVID vaccine Moderna Washington provided COVID vaccines as part of a previously announced program to send American vaccines to other countries. The United States sent to Ukraine two million doses of the coronavirus vaccine produced by the American company Moderna. About this on Saturday night, July 17, reported Reuters agency citing a […]

“Turn to Asia” called inevitable in Belarus

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) The prime minister of Belarus said that “a turn to Asia is inevitable” Belarus will continue to supply products to the EU that are not subject to sanctions, but in the future it will reorient itself to the Asian market. Belarus will continue to supply products to the EU that are […]

Craving, what is the irrepressible desire to eat that makes us fat

Net of the various considerations, among the 10 main reasons why Italians coming out of the pandemic feel stressed, there is the increase in the waistline that creates more anxiety – in some people – than the economic crisis or poor social life. The unexpected data comes from a national survey commissioned by Allurion Technologies […]

European Commission threatened AstraZeneca with export ban

Photo: EU receives less than a third of AstraZeneca negotiated vaccines Companies could ban the supply of coronavirus vaccines outside the EU pending contracts with Brussels. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, threatened AstraZeneca with a ban on the export of vaccines due to a reduction in supplies agreed with […]

Booming Orders, Daihatsu Worried Backfire Will Indent Long

JAKARTA, – Not only a breath of fresh air, his presence relaxation PPnBM a new car for Daihatsu also has the potential to become boomerang. The reason is, with the number of orders for vehicle units that have increased drastically, it is feared that they will not go straight with it supply production. PT […]