European Union Promises to Provide IDR 16.4 Trillion Aid for Afghanistan

loading… BRUSSELS – European Union (EU) has promised an aid package of 1 billion Euros or around Rp Afghanistan . According to the Head of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, this assistance was provided to prevent a major humanitarian and socio -economic collapse. “We must do all we can to prevent a major humanitarian […]

Qatar Intentionally Makes the West Indebted to Afghanistan Affairs

loading… DOHA – A number of analysts believe that Qatar is deliberately making the West indebted to the affairs of Afghanistan. Qatar has been an important intermediary as the West tries to deal with the Taliban, who now rule Afghanistan. Prior to the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, Qatar had hosted meetings between the […]

The Taliban warns against the influx of economic refugees

Pressure from the outside world can also contribute to undermining security, Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi warned when he met EU and US diplomats in Qatar on Tuesday. – A weakening of the Afghan government does not benefit anyone, because the negative consequences of this will directly affect world security and lead to many […]

UN Criticism of Taliban for Breaking Promises on Afghan Women

Jakarta – The Taliban, which now controls Afghanistan, have made promises about the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan. Now, the United Nations (UN) is condemning, because Taliban reportedly broke his promises. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has criticized the Taliban for “broken” promises to Afghan women and girls. Guterres urged the world to […]

US Helps Biden’s Assistant Translator Flee from Taliban

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The translator who once saved the President United States of America, Joe Biden, managed to leave Afghanistan run away from Taliban with his family. Quotes AFPThe US State Department said the interpreter who had rescued Biden in a snowstorm that occurred in 2008 has now been successfully evacuated from Afghanistan. This […]

Getting to know the Hazara Shiites: Hunted by ISIS, Oppressed by the Taliban

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Hazara ethnicity is one of the ethnic minorities in Indonesia Afghanistan. Many of them adhere to the teachings of Shiites. Ethnic Hazaras who profess Shiite Islam are often targeted by ISIS terrorists. Not only threatened by terrorists, this ethnic group is also often oppressed by the Sunni Taliban. Some time […]

Conditions for the Taliban to Suppress ISIS in Afghanistan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Power Taliban from Afghanistan not just smooth. There are various threats that the Taliban must face in Afghanistan, one of which is an attack from the extremist group ISIS. Previously, the Taliban had promised the United States that its group would keep Afghanistan free from terrorist groups such as ISIS. However, […]

Taliban Breaks Promise Against Afghan Women, UN Condemns!

Jakarta – Secretary General (Secretary General) United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres denounced the promises Taliban which is “violated” against women and girls Afghanistan. He also urged the world to donate more money to Afghanistan to prevent its economic collapse. This came after the first face-to-face talks between the United States and the United States Taliban […]

Hundreds of Taliban Militia Picnic to the Park While Carrying Machine Guns

loading… ACCEPTANCE – Hundreds of militia Taliban enjoy a day off with a picnic to Kabul’s popular seaside amusement park, Afghanistan . Even though they were having fun, they still carried machine guns. Halimi was one of hundreds of Taliban fighters who enjoyed Friday’s retreat to the sandy beach park in Qargha. They are unwinding […]

The story of Afghan gays fleeing for fear of being beheaded by the Taliban

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A gay Afghanistan tells the story of a tense experience from hiding to successfully escaping from the hunt Taliban. So scared at the time, he and his family hid in the basement after the group took control of the country in mid-August. The 32-year-old man once hid with his younger brother. […]