At the market for the “victims of the Bulgarian fascist occupier”

In recent years, tens of thousands of Bulgarians have massively visited the municipalities in the Western outskirts of neighboring Serbia. The largest number of Bulgarians meet in Tsaribrod, Pirot and Nis, and especially during holidays and weekends, reports a BGNES reporter. Usually, the news about the “Bulgarian landing” in these places is associated with restaurants […]

Ten dead in Congo church bombing

NOS News•today, 22:13 At least 10 people have been killed in an attack on a church in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the army said. Dozens of people have also been injured. The bomb exploded during a baptismal service. The attack was on a Protestant church in the town of Kasindi, on the border with […]

Several people were killed in a church explosion in DR Congo

An explosion at a church in Kasindi, North Kiwi province, during a baptism ceremony. A Kenyan citizen has been arrested in connection with the explosion. The government believes that the bombing was carried out by the United Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel group that calls itself the Central African branch of the Islamic State terrorist […]

Song Yimin’s whole body is covered with rashes, “I can’t hold it anymore.” Britney confessed: The church may be disbanded-Entertainment-China Times News

Song Yimin angrily accused Britney of lying on both sides!Restore the truth about Bai Jiaqi and his wife’s police blocking of Britney Actress Britney (Zhang Keyun) and Song Yimin’s “Yi Qi Luminous” church conflicts have not settled down one after another, pulling out a branch of the domestic violence case, implicating Bai Jiaqi and Wu […]

a security perimeter established around a church whose plaster is crumbling

Part of the wall covering of the Herbignac church fell off on Sunday morning. Firefighters proceeded to preserve a statue. Le Figaro Nantes The plaster collapsed over an area of ​​30 m2. This is the observation made by the departmental operations center for firefighters and rescue (Codis) of the Loire-Atlantique after an intervention, Sunday shortly […]

Britney Spears accused her of “setting her private parts on fire”, Mr. Song couldn’t resist and revealed the truth-Entertainment-China Times News

Actress Xiao Tiantian (Zhang Keyun) recently accused her 25-year-old husband Mr. Song of domestic violence against her. Song Yimin, Bai Jiaqi and her wife effectively prevented her from calling the police and checking her injuries. turmoil. Already last year, Britney accused her husband of 4 flaws on the show, one of which was that defecation […]

Today is Epiphany, one of the biggest Christian holidays…

Jordan Day, or Epiphany, is one of the biggest Christian holidays. On this day, John the Baptist baptizes Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. After the sacrament of the Epiphany, people saw with their own eyes the Christian trinity of the Father (voice), the Spirit (dove perched on Christ’s shoulder) and the Son (earthly man) […]

Church – Dresden – Bishop sees in deceased Pope Benedict Brückenbauer – politics

Home Politics Saxony Dresden Church – Dresden:Bishop sees bridge builders in late Pope Benedict December 31, 2022 1:42 pm Directly from the dpa news channel Dresden (dpa/sn) – The bishop of the diocese of Dresden-Meißen, Heinrich Timmerevers, has the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. honored as a bridge builder. “In my opinion, he is one […]

Mourning for the ex Pope: many condolences for Benedict XVI. also from Hamburg

Hamburg Mourning for the ex Pope Many condolences for Benedict XVI. also from Hamburg Status: 4.20pm | Reading time: 2 minutes Stefan Hess, archbishop of Hamburg, described his relationship with the former pope Those: picture alliance/dpa The archbishop of Hamburg calls the late former pope Benedict XVI. a “training teacher”. Mayor Peter Tschentscher expresses his […]