As the Deputy of BNPP, Paulus Waterpauw has said goodbye to the National Police Chief

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Former Head of the National Police Intelligence and Security Agency (Kabaintelkam) Komjen Paul Waterpauw said to have said goodbye to the leadership of the National Police before being sworn in as Deputy for Management of Potential Border Areas at the National Border Management Agency (Border Management Agency).BNPP). “Before his inauguration, Komjen […]

Polish border guards used gas against migrants on the border with Belarus

Фото: Instagram / The migrants had an ax and knives Migrants from Belarus started throwing stones at border guards and throwing logs at the barriers at the border. The Polish Border Guard used tear gas against illegal migrants who intended to illegally cross the state border from Belarus. This is reported on website departments. […]

Poland calls border fence protection from Putin and Lukashenko

Poland is closed from Belarus by a fence The migration crisis on the border between Belarus and European countries began at the end of May. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the need to build a fence on the border with Belarus. The politician called the fence a way to protect against migratory blackmail, […]

Russian warship repels US destroyer, chased within 60 meters

loading… MOSCOW – Dangerous maneuvers performed by the Navy Russia along with rising tensions in Asia-Pacific due to the AUKUS pact led by the United States (US). The tension was also seen in the sea between the warships of the two countries. A Russian Pacific Fleet warship approached a US destroyer just 60 meters away. […]

The border between dream and reality in literature and film

Bachelor thesis, 2019 49 pages, grade: 2.7 Table of contents or introduction In the following, the division and the aim of this work are described in more detail. An introduction to the cultural-historical and theoretical background is followed by an analysis section in which three scenes are analyzed and their respective forms of realization (literary […]

Poland showed how migrants break through the border

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) Polish border guards showed how migrants break through the border Several dozen migrants are standing near the Polish border guards, shouting “Germany!” and “Freedom!” In Poland, the border service showed a video from the border where a large group of migrants tried to enter the country. About it informs PAP on […]

State Border Guard Service is investigating how Saakashvili crossed the border

Border guards check how Saakashvili left Ukraine The border guards are checking all the information about how he left Ukraine. The State Border Service is checking the fact of crossing the Ukrainian border by Mikhail Saakashvili. In this connection, several officials were removed from office. This was announced on Thursday, October 7, by the speaker […]

Putin crossed the new “red line” / GORDON

This came up in connection with Dobrokhotov’s departure from Russia and the arrival of FSB officers with a search to his parents. The editor-in-chief was put on the wanted list on September 30 by the Russian security forces in the case of illegal border crossing… The violations were allegedly “identified and documented” in August. “This […]

Australia opens borders for the first time in a year and a half

Australia to open borders for the first time in a year and a half Since March 2020, Australia has had one of the strictest border rules in the world – even citizens were forbidden to leave the country. Australian authorities have been opening the state border since November – for the first time in a […]