A well-known Bulgarian journalist died suddenly in Austria

The founder of the popular Bulgarian website in Austria BGMedia.at Ivan Karchev died suddenly on October 18 at the age of 45. Friends of the 45-year-old journalist started a fundraising campaign for his family. “Today he flew away. Only 45. He left two wonderful children and a living Bulgarian community in Austria, which would never […]

WIENER BLUT, Stadttheater Wels 1Rainerstraße 2, 4600 Wels, Austria, January 14 2022

Music by Johann Strauss (son) Libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein Production: Heinz Hellberg Musical director: Laszlo Gyüker Introduction: Dr. Helmut Greil, 6:45 p.m. In this popular masterpiece by Waltz King Johann Strauss, the classic elements of an operetta are so successfully interwoven that one of the most thrilling and lively works of the […]

The Bulgarian Ivan Karchev, a media chief in Austria, has died

Bulgarian media specialist Ivan Karchev, living in Austria, has died. This was announced on its Facebook page BGMedia.at, whose creator and editor-in-chief is Karchev. Ivan Karchev is a marketing and media specialist, with numerous projects in the field of social, electronic, online and print media. More important for the Bulgarians in Austria among them are […]

The National Team lost its right – Sports

Turkish-Austrian football player Yusuf Demir, who created excitement with his performance in Barcelona, ​​officially lost his right to be transferred to the Turkish National Team when he played for two minutes away from the Faroe Islands with the Austrian National Team jersey. Yusuf Demir, who transferred from Rapid Wien to Barcelona on loan with an […]

Nations League 2023, the draw pots: Italy in first

The 2020/21 edition has just ended, but the new Nations League appointment is approaching. Draw scheduled for December 16, a ceremony that will see Mancini’s Italy placed in the first bracket in League A. There is no shortage of dangers in the Montreux urn: which can be the best group? And the worst one? Here […]

Carinthia attacks the chip industry

Chipwerk in Villach Infineon is investing 1.6 billion euros in its new semiconductor factory in Carinthia. (Foto: Bloomberg) Villach, Klagenfurt The clock is ticking: “We’re looking for 100 people by the middle of next year,” says Claus Lachmann. The head of personnel at the chip machine manufacturer Lam Research in Villach is under pressure. After all, […]