LOK Report – Berlin: Farewell to the A3L71 series

Photos BVG / Chriistopher Land. A long chapter in vehicle history will soon come to an end at the Berlin subway. When the last cars have reached the prescribed mileage of 960,000 kilometers again, the A3L71 series will retire from active service after around 50 years. The “hardest working” cars will then have completed a […]

LOK Report – Baden-Württemberg: Electrified Southern Railway

In July 2021, after a three-year construction period, the electrification of the Südbahn, the railway line that runs from Ulm via Friedrichshafen to Lindau, was completed. Since then, the contact wire of the overhead line has been “live”. In the future, trains can travel here at speeds of up to 160 km / h. The […]

Night train can count on 2 million euros in support

The federal government is allocating separate resources in the budget to encourage travel on an international night train. It concerns 2 million euros for next year, reports Minister of Mobility Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo). ‘More trains, less flying’, the minister motivates the decision. He calls the interest in the means of transport very great. ‘More and […]

Vaccination or test. New quarantine for transport

Photo: RFE / RL Quarantine is tightened in Ukraine From October 21, stricter quarantine rules will come into effect in Ukraine. They will concern inter-regional communication. The Ukrainian government has tightened quarantine rules for passenger transport: from October 21, all passengers and drivers of interregional flights must be vaccinated or tested negative for COVID-19. We […]

More parcels on the rails: Deutsche Bahn wants to expand the transport network

Parcels are ready to be picked up in a hall Will these packages be transported on rails in the future? (Photo: dpa) Berlin Buy shoes, furniture or laptops with one click and have them delivered to your home: For many consumers in Germany, online shopping has long been part of everyday life. The corona crisis […]

Rail transport network: more parcels on the rails – economy

DHL containers are on wagons in the freight terminal in Langerfeld. Photo: Jonas Güttler / dpa Photo: dpa Over four billion parcels were delivered in Germany last year. Most of them were transported in trucks on the motorway – almost none by rail. That should change. Berlin – Buy shoes, furniture or laptops with one […]